Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Example of a Crappy Day Package #15

A Lovely, Lovely Person* surprised me a while ago with this fun package!

The dark chocolate almonds are AMAZING!
Chamomile tea (WHAT? Do I seem a little STRESSED?)
A fun notebook
Pretty note cards
Decorative craft tape (which I like but can't figure out how to use)
"Relax" soap
Haribo! I had seen people talking about Haribo on Twitter, and I was excited to have a chance to try it =)! (My children were also very excited to try it!) FYI, Haribo turns into liquid if your mailbox is an oven, like mine is, but it still tastes good!

The funny thing about this package was that the Lovely Person had put her RealLastName and address on the package, so I kept looking at it thinking, "Who do I know with that last name in that state? It seems SO familiar, but I just can't place it!" When I opened the package and read the card, I realized that it was because I think of this person as RealFirstName TwitterHandle =).

Thank you, Lovely Person! This was a fun surprise!
*I will be keeping Crappy Day Present senders anonymous so that the sender doesn't have to worry that Person Q is going to see what they (the sender) sent me and possibly feel bad that their (Person Q's) package was not as fabulous as mine ;-). But if you don't worry as much as I do aren't worried about that, you are welcome to claim your package in the comments!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Example of a Crappy Day Package #14

A Lovely, Lovely Person* sent a CDPackage a while ago to bolster my spirits! So, here you have another excellent example of Crappy Day Presents:

Fun wrapping with helpful labels!
I put some of the fun office supplies from a previous CDP in the ME tin =).


Mary Engelbreit stuff! I LOVE Mary Engelbreit stuff =)!

Soft, pretty YARN!!!!!
Somehow, I forgot to take pictures of two of the opened CDPs. They were: wonderful, pampering bath bombs, and a painting/chalk/outside set for the kids, which kept them busy for a blessed, peaceful HOUR!

Thank you, Lovely Person, for strengthening my mental health in such a nice way =)!
*I will be keeping Crappy Day Present senders anonymous so that the sender doesn't have to worry that Person Q is going to see what they (the sender) sent me and possibly feel bad that their (Person Q's) package was not as fabulous as mine ;-). But if you don't worry as much as I do aren't worried about that, you are welcome to claim your package in the comments!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Example of a Crappy Day Package #13

So, months a while ago, I was having One of Those Days, and I kept thinking that what would really cheer me up would be some new yarn, which is ridiculous because there is yarn in almost every room of my house I am in no danger of running out of yarn any time soon. But when Ian checked the mail that day, he brought me an encouragingly squishy package sent by a Lovely, Lovely Person*! I smiled and felt so much better as I kept pulling yarn out of the package =). I was already feeling so blessed to have such a thoughtful friend when I looked in the package and noticed that she had even sent Crappy Day Presents!!

YARN!! And bonus CDPs!

I quickly used some of the yarn to make some bright, cheerful squares...

...and hats for Knit A Square.

A reusable bag...

...that folds out nicely...

...and has a handy little pocked on the inside!

A notepad that is GREAT for making lists, nice-smelling soap, bright happy note cards, little beach balls!
(ALWAYS! I ALWAYS need help holding it together!)
Pretty office supplies!!
Thank you again, Lovely Person =)!
*I will be keeping Crappy Day Present senders anonymous so that the sender doesn't have to worry that Person Q is going to see what they (the sender) sent me and possibly feel bad that their (Person Q's) package was not as fabulous as mine ;-). But if you don't worry as much as I do aren't worried about that, you are welcome to claim your package in the comments!

Friday, October 12, 2012

What To Do When a Child Refuses To Obey

Well, Stubborn was determined and worked his way back up the chart in 4 days; he did not eat much during those 4 days because he did not like his food choices. He also had a minor melt down at the end of each day when he had not yet gotten back on the chart.

Stubborn has since had his appointment with the psychologist, I'll call her Dr. P. Dr. P was amazed at the level of disrespect and defiance Stubborn was showing; she has been seeing him for over a year now, and he was not acting like this until the past few months.

She said:
  • it is normal for oppositional kids to really ramp it up right around 10 years old.
  • he seems quite proud of his making it 82 off the chart and getting back on in 4 days and thinks he won that battle. (I guess I shouldn't have been so accommodating in checking the work he was doing to move back up.)
  • one of the concerns about his behavior is that the younger children are watching him and may decide it is okay to act like this.
  • Husband and I need to talk privately and decide what the consequences will be for the children who are disrespectful/defiant towards me while he's at work. (We have not yet figured out what the consequence will be, sigh. It is a little tricky since Husband is only home for about two hours before the kids go to bed.)
  • then we need to sit down with all of the children, and Husband needs to explain to them, in a STERN, SERIOUS voice, that it is not acceptable for them to be rude, disrespectful, and disobedient towards me, and this is what the consequence will be when that happens.
  • then we need to meet privately with Stubborn, and Husband is supposed to tell him that the next time he has a fit like the one he had last week, we will be packing up everything in his room and taking it out, and he will have to earn all of his belongings back with good behavior. (For the most part, I expect Stubborn to act like he doesn't care, but there are one or two precious things he is going to miss.)
  • I should wait until Husband gets home to do the packing up of the bedroom, just in case someone tries to attack me while I'm doing it.
  • Stubborn is supposed to stay in his bare room until he is ready to behave appropriately.
Having recently experienced Stubborn refusing the consequences he had earned, I was on top of things enough to think to ask her:
  • What do I do if he refuses to stay in his room?
    • I am supposed to make sure he stays there by returning him to his room whenever he comes out. (Very similar to returning Baby to the time-out rug every time he gets off of it before he is supposed to.)
    • Husband is responsible for keeping him from sneaking out at night. (I'm thinking this will be accomplished by Husband sleeping in front of his door.)
  • What do I do if he uses his window to run away?
    • I am supposed to call the police and report that he has run away.
I fully expect that it will be necessary to pack up everything in his room sometime during the next few weeks, and I am very much NOT looking forward to that, especially since I am still working so hard to get things moved around and the rooms organized. Obviously, there is no good place to put the contents of an entire bedroom, so I think I will be moving most of it to the garage, and I will need to park on the driveway. I'm thinking that His roommate will likely need to be moved to another room temporarily too.

I cannot tell you how heartbroken and weary I am about this. This child has always been so sweet and loving, and I just cannot understand what happened to cause this change. I have asked and asked and ASKED him if there's something wrong, if something happened that has made him feel bad, if something is bothering him, and he continues to say no.

I spent roughly TEN YEARS engaged in a constant battle of wills with Ian, and I was so very grateful and relieved when that was finished. It never occurred to me that I would have this experience with any of the others, but now I can see that I am going to have it again, at least 2, and likely 3, more times.

Excuse me while I go sit in the corner and weep...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why It Will Be a Long Time Before I Can Give Up Ice Cream

A certain child, we'll call him....Stubborn (and I feel like I should say that it is FINNALY NOT Ian this time), completely flips out about a writing assignment. (The assignment could not be any more simple or straightforward.) He screams, throws things, declares he will never do said assignment. Somehow does not understand why writing is a necessary skill for him to learn, despite having it explained to him NUMEROUS TIMES. Refuses to even TRY to do the assignment, even though I am sitting next to him, willing to help.
Piano lessons begin. Children cycle through until everyone has had a lesson.
Stubborn has another shrieking fit when he is told that he may not have the Special Lunch he loves so much, which he can earn by finishing his schoolwork in a timely manner, because he did not finish his schoolwork in a timely manner. He does not see the connection between his earlier fit and his lack of time to finish schoolwork.
Quiet Time. Children are supposed to be resting, working on schoolwork, or playing quietly.
While I read out loud, children are supposed to be getting their snacks and working on their afternoon chores. Baby interrupts at least 5 times and says, "Stoooooop reading, Moooooooooom!"
Folding laundry in the miserably hot house, forgot to turn the setting down on the thermostat, turn the setting down and cringe at the thought of the next electric bill. Stubborn asks me questions about what will be expected of him tomorrow and purposely nit-picks my answers to try to escape his consequences.
Retreat to Baby's new room, where Baby dumped out 6 puzzles during Quiet Time. Put puzzles back together while Baby "helps".
On my way to put away some laundry, wonder why Baby is being so quiet. At this very moment, Marie finds me to tell me that Baby has fallen asleep in his chair. Wake the Very Grumpy Baby.
While I check schoolwork, children are supposed to be finishing chores and playing outside. Certain children are dragging their chores out as long as humanly possible. Baby hangs on my arm and whines, "Stoooooooop checking schoolwork, Mooooooom!" He also requests various things and screams at me when he doesn't like my response; Time Out for Baby. When I finally get him distracted and busy somewhere else, the dog bounds up to me excitedly, with a toy in his mouth, wanting me to play. Stubborn informs me: he made a promise to himself that morning that he would only be doing Math schoolwork today, and it's very important to keep our promises! I inform Stubborn: at our house, people who do not work, get to have oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables until their work is done, and he may stay on his chair until his schoolwork is finished or until it is bedtime, whichever comes first. The resulting fit finds Stubborn on Food Privileges on the chart.
Husband arrives home! I retreat to my bedroom with a bowl of medicinal Fruit Loops while Stubborn is loudly voicing his displeasure about his dinner choices!
I emerge to find Husband sitting at the table with Stubborn, trying to calmly encourage him to get his work done.
Stubborn heads to bed, without eating dinner, because he did not like his choices of oatmeal, fruits, or vegetables.
I am supposed to roust the children out of their rooms, but I just cannot face dealing with Stubborn again. Check email/Twitter instead.
Stubborn refuses to eat breakfast because he doesn't like his choices, complains bitterly about being hungry, refuses to do his morning chores.
Baby has screaming fit over the injustice of waking up in the morning when he comes out of his bedroom, climbs in my lap, looks at me with those big eyes and says, "I need another blue Popsicle to lick" and I tell him that he may not have a Popsicle for breakfast; Baby sits on the Time Out rug. I do Stubborn's chores and the resulting move-down on the chart puts Stubborn off the chart. Stubborn has another loud screaming fit, and angrily tears up one of his assignments. Stubborn is now 20 off the chart.
Two other children disappear into the backyard, hoping that I won't notice they're gone and mention their schoolwork.
Stubborn is threatening to run away. I tell him that we would miss him, and we would certainly hope that nothing bad happened to him while he was gone.
Stubborn decides to do some of his schoolwork.
Baby screams at me again when I give him an answer he doesn't like; Time Out rug for Baby! Baby screams, "I DON'T WANT TO SIT ON THE RUG!" and kicks the rug. This reminds me that the Time Out rug is in bad shape, so I bring out the new pink, heart-shaped rug I got at I K E A. Baby changes his screams to "I DON'T WANT TO SIT ON THE NEW RUG!" After 45 minutes of this screaming and refusing to sit on the rug, I get out the spray bottle. Baby sits on the rug while screaming, "MOOOOOOOOM! DON'T SQUIRT ME!"
Baby has finally stopped screaming for 2 minutes in a row, so his timer beeps and he can get off the rug. Stubborn decides he'll eat some watermelon for lunch.
Despite being reminded of his lunch choices, Stubborn defiantly fixes something not on his list. I remind him of the facts, and he calmly tells me that he doesn't care about the consequences, he's going to do what he wants. Stubborn is now 50 off the chart. Stubborn nonchalantly wanders around the house while I tell him to return to his chair.
Stubborn continues to refuse to obey, screams and complains about the injustice of being forced to do things he doesn't like, blames me for making him do those things instead of changing the world so that those things aren't necessary anymore, continues to ask WHYYYYYYYY?! By the end of this fit, Stubborn has broken the previous record, long held by Ian, of 50, and is 82 off the chart. Ian tells me that he is not enjoying Stubborn's fit, and I remind him that this is not the first time I've been through this experience, and that he used to throw things at me when he was mad. Ian quietly, sincerely says, "I'm sorry I used to act like that, Mom", and I experience a faint glimmer of hope that I might be doing something right after all.
Stubborn and I rest on my bed for Quiet Time.
I read to the older kids while Baby is, thankfully, sleeping. Everyone, except Stubborn, gets their snack, Ian gets his chores done, Marie ignores her chores, Stubborn starts working on his schoolwork.
Ian brings the mail in. I notice a package addressed to "Rachel CDP LastName", and I tear up a little over the thoughtfulness of that.
While I begin checking schoolwork, Marie, who still hasn't done her chores, disappears outside with one of her brothers; I believe their plan has something to do with dirt and water, but, at this point, I don't really care. I start checking Stubborn's schoolwork; he is polite and courteous. He listens to my questions and responds appropriately. He inquires about the number of spaces he needs to move up to get back on the chart; I tell him that I'm not going to reveal that number because it would only distract him from making progress to work himself back up.
Husband comes home! I finish checking Stubborn's work and retreat to my room. I open my CDP to discover a delightful book called Modern Minds: An Anthology of Ideas. I look through the contents and decide to read a piece by Shirley Jackson called, "The Third Baby's the Easiest". I had a well-needed laugh, and decided that this author reminds me a lot of Swistle, and I should look up her book, Life Among the Savages at my first opportunity.
7:00pm Despite being completely drained, I head to the store because we are out of milk, and ice cream is DESPERATELY needed.
And this, my friends, is why I will be unable to stop eating ice cream for MANY YEARS.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Facts About the Current CDPE

  • Number of participants: 33
  • Number of people participating for the first time: 18
  • Number of participants with the same first name: 2, 3, 2
  • Number of participants whose names started with the same first letter and were similar enough to confuse my pregnancy-damaged brain: 6
  • Number of participants who had no preference about who they sent to: 19
  • Number of different states the participants come from: 20
  • Final size of the Master List: 3 pages across, 2 pages down

I am HIGH-TECH over here!
(And for once, I was TRYING to get the picture to come out fuzzy!)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ideas for Crappy Day Presents

Mrs. Irritation had a wonderful suggestion that I should do a post asking what YOUR favorite CDPs have been, to give people ideas in case anyone is stumped!

So, what have been your favorite CDPs? Leave an anonymous comment to let us know =)!
Also, here are the links I have for Examples of Crappy Day Presents:

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Links to packages from previous exchanges.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I Forgot To Tell You About Eating At Our House

See, this is one of the reasons I haven't been blogging lately! Because I forget important details like giving you important background information before I throw the chart of foods the children will eat at you and ask for your help!

So, let me introduce you to the key players in this neverending nightly drama!
  • 13 year old:
    • sensitive gag reflex: used to frequently, involuntarily, throw up at the table (thankfully, he usually just gags now)
    • strong-willed: would rather starve than eat something he doesn't like
  • 10 year old:
    • no obvious sensory issues
    • strong-willed: would rather starve than eat something he doesn't like
  • 8 year old:
    • has issues with strong flavors and some textures
    • has never been overly interested in eating: small boned, can usually count her ribs, looks as though she is being underfed.
    • strong-willed: would rather starve than eat something she doesn't like
  • 6 year old:
    • no obvious sensory issues
    • more steadfast and immovable than a mountain strong-willed: would rather starve than eat something he doesn't like
    • defiant: regularly "cuts off his nose to spite his face"
  • 2 year old:
    • no obvious sensory issues
    • generally too busy to sit down and eat
    • used to be willing to try new foods, but has been negatively affected by his siblings' behavior
Why, OH WHY, can't the children be more like their father?! Having overly-sensitive taste buds myself, I understand what it is like to be surprised by an unexpected texture or overwhelmed by a strong flavor, and I know that you cannot force a child to eat. I have always tried to calmly put the food on the table, and if the child chooses to eat, that's fine, and if he chooses not to eat, that's fine too; he knows when the next meal or snack will be served. We do not require anyone to eat a certain amount of anything, although, sometimes we require a person to use their utensil to try a bite of one thing (this way the person can choose the size of the bite). We do this for foods that the child used to eat and like, and for some new foods because, every now and then, once the food is in the child's mouth, he/she decides it tastes good after all. If the child tries the food and doesn't like it, he/she can go fix something else.

Meal-times at my house
*Anyone may eat any fruit or vegetable they would like in between our normal eating times.

For breakfast, the children have 3 options. (The reason they have 3 options is because I was tired of watching people wandering around the kitchen for an hour in the morning while whining, "I don't know what to haaaaaaaaaaave!") The 3 options are: oatmeal, cereal (usually frosted mini-wheats, raisin bran, or granola), or waffles/pancakes/French Toast (depending on which one we've made that week; I make a big batch and freeze the extra for breakfasts).

For lunch, the children pick any (reasonable) thing they want: sandwiches, left-overs, cheese and apples, that sort of thing. I encourage them to try to include some protein, whole-grains, and some fruits and/or vegetables, but, as long as they aren't trying to eat candy for their meal, they can choose what they have. (They are allowed to have ice cream/cake/candy for lunch on their birthday, if they so choose.)

For snack time, the children pick from the snacky foods: cheese, left-overs, crackers, popcorn, homemade cookies, yogurt, etc.

For dinner, we have long had the rule that if you come to the table and make a negative comment about the food, you are excused to go to bed for the night, and you may eat again in the morning. We talked about how much work goes into making a meal, and that it is very inconsiderate to complain about something someone has used their time and energy to do for you. Up until a few months ago, I planned and fixed most of the meals, and I often asked the kids what they would like for dinner in the coming week. I would fix one meal and try to include at least one item that everyone liked, without ending up making more than one meal (this can take a lot of mental energy to figure out). If a person didn't like what was served, and refused to try any of the prepared meal, he/she was welcome to have oatmeal, fruits, or vegetables.

It only took one or two time of someone being excused from the table for the night for the "THAT'S what we're having?!" or "I don't LIKE that!" comments to stop, which was nice, but I still had to see the disappointed shoulder slump, or the devastated head dropping onto the arms on the table, or the eyes closed grimly. And, many a night, at least one person would choose not to eat anything on the table, or any of the default choices, and leave the table while sobbing something to the effect of "WHY don't you EVER fix anything *I* like to eat?!"

A few months ago, in an effort to make dinner more pleasant for us all, I told the children that they each needed to pick what they would like to eat on one night of the coming week; if they are old enough, they get to help make the dinner too. This has cut down on some of the complaining, and it's a lot easier for me to not take their reaction to dinner personally if I didn't make the dinner, but I'm getting REALLY tired of having spaghetti, rotini, and chili for dinner over and over and OVER. Husband Nobody has been planning dinner ahead of time, so 4 out of the 5 nights of the week, 6:00 rolls around, and somebody starts saying, "So, what are we having for dinner tonight?" and THAT is how we end up eating so much pasta and canned chili.

Since writing the previous post, I have made a couple changes.
1. I have added "choose a meal for the week" to the children's list of weekly chores that have to be done before they can play computer/watch movies on Saturday.
2. When Husband comes home, I am going to my room to catch up on the reading I am behind on and to miss out on the dinner drama.

Thanks to all of YOUR suggestions, once I have recovered from the dinner trauma sucking the life out of me caught up on my reading, I am going to:
1. Try to make it a habit to put out a veggie/crackers/cheese tray while dinner finishes cooking.
2. Make sure there are always spaghetti noodles in the fridge for those who don't like dinner, or maybe have a batch of popcorn ready.
3. Specifically tell them that I respect their food preferences as much as I can, so they can show respect to me by trying a bite of something without a big fuss.
4. Use the Chuck 3 Cheese tokens I bought for motivational purposes to reward those who are polite at the table. Everyone who is polite and respectful about the food served for dinner will earn one token; we will go to Chuck 3 Cheese in a month and everyone can use the tokens they've earned (or they can sit there and watch their siblings if they haven't earned any tokens).

In response to some of the comments:
I think some of them WOULD actually eat steak, but I haven't figured out how to cook it so that it tastes good, and it is so expensive =(.
I have been willing to dish up things without the final ingredients, but the person still wouldn't eat it =(.
I do try to indulge their food preferences as much as I can; we serve the noodles separate from the sauce for those who don't like sauce, we use large plates so the different foods don't touch each other, I don't fix a lot of food that *I* like but that none of the kids like...but they don't realize that not everybody's parents do that.
I have tried hiding various things in the foods they like, but they can usually tell. The only casserole-type thing they'll eat is lasagna, IF it doesn't have ricotta or cottage cheese.
Thank you all for your suggestions and sympathy, even though I didn't explain things very clearly!! It really helped me to "talk this out" with you =).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What To Feed the Children?

If you haven't read this post already, it will make more sense if you read this post first.

I showed you my beautiful, logical Master List for the CDP Exch*nges; it's like a fun logic puzzle, and I so enjoy filling in all of the information and then figuring out the assignments!

Well, I need help with a logic puzzle that is not at all fun.

I try to feed my children healthy, nutritious, minimally-processed foods. I am even willing and able to COOK many healthy, nutritious, minimally-processed foods. I like knowing which ingredients are in the foods my children are eating. I like the fact that it is more economical to make a lot of foods at home thereby allowing more money to be spent on CDPs us to feed this swarm of children without going bankrupt.

But my children! GAH! THESE OPINIONATED CHILDREN! There are so few foods that all of them will eat! Some people will say, "Oh, if they get hungry enough, they will eat." Those people are WRONG. My children would rather starve to death than eat something they don't like, and LET ME TELL YOU: starving to death is a LONG and miserable process.

When I came home from my vacation...

...moment of silence as I longingly remember that blessed, amazing, peaceful, refreshing time...

...I told Husband that he and the children were going to have to take over dinner duty because trying to plan dinner, and then listening to complaints from one or more people when I put the food on the table was DRAINING MY WILL TO LIVE. (And, yes, I have the chart. And, yes, there are consequences for complaining about dinner, but by the time these children actually understand the connection between their actions and the consequences that follow, I WILL BE DEAD AND BURIED.)

But Husband's dinner planning hasn't been involving much actual PLANNING going well either, so I am STILL having stress about dinner every day. I finally decided that I would write down the foods the children WOULD eat and make a chart to see if that would help me at all. At first, I only wrote down the things they would eat that I can make or that I consider to be nutritious, but that was a VERY SHORT LIST, so then I included as many of the other things that I could think of too. Behold the results below! Any suggestions?

*sometimes means: At some point the child would eat this food, and even complained about there not being enough! But the moment I fixed a double batch, he/she would not touch it.
*yes means: It is almost certain the child will eat this.
*NO means: The child will choose to die a slow, painful death complaining every moment before he/she will put this in his/her mouth.

A 13yo 10yo 8yo 6yo 2yo
Applesauce sometimes yes yes yes sometimes
Apples-Green/sour yes yes NO yes sometimes
Apples-Red yes sometimes yes sometimes sometimes
Bacon yes yes yes yes yes
Baked Chicken sometimes NO NO NO sometimes
Bananas NO NO sometimes sometimes sometimes
Beef-Roast sometimes NO NO NO sometimes
Biscuits NO NO NO NO sometimes
Black Beans with Sausage yes yes NO yes sometimes
Blueberries-frozen NO NO NO NO sometimes
Boiled Eggs sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes
Breadsticks-homemade yes yes NO yes yes
Broccoli-steamed sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes
Carrots sometimes yes sometimes yes sometimes
Cheese yes yes yes yes yes
Chicken Noodle Soup-canned NO NO NO NO NO
Chicken Noodle Soup-homemade NO NO NO NO NO
Chicken Nuggets-bought yes yes yes yes sometimes
Chicken Nuggets-homemade sometimes sometimes NO sometimes sometimes
Chicken Pot Pie-homemade NO NO NO sometimes yes
Chili yes NO NO yes yes
Chili Only With Corn In It NO yes NO NO NO
Chips and Cheese yes yes yes yes yes
Cookies, Choc Chip-homemade yes yes yes yes yes
Cookies, Oatmeal, Homemade yes NO sometimes sometimes yes
Corn Flakes with added sugar yes yes yes NO yes
Cornbread-homemade sometimes sometimes NO NO yes
Corn-canned yes yes NO yes yes
Corn-frozen NO NO NO NO sometimes
Corn-on the cob sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes
Dora Yogurt sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes
French Fries-homemade yes yes yes yes yes
French Toast yes sometimes NO yes sometimes
Fruit Smoothie NO NO NO NO yes
Gogurt yes yes yes yes yes
Goldfish crackers yes yes yes yes yes
Graham Crackers yes yes yes yes yes
Grapes yes yes yes yes yes
Green Beans sometimes yes NO yes sometimes
Ham yes yes yes yes yes
Hamburgers-homemade yes yes NO yes yes
Hot Dogs sometimes yes yes yes yes
Lunch Meat yes yes yes yes yes
Macaroni and Cheese yes NO yes yes yes
Mandarin Oranges yes NO NO NO sometimes
Milk yes yes yes NO NO
Muffins-homemade sometimes NO sometimes sometimes sometimes
Nectarines NO NO NO NO NO
Nuts-Peanuts sometimes sometimes NO sometimes sometimes
Nuts-Pecans sometimes sometimes NO sometimes yes
Nuts-Pistachios yes yes NO yes yes
Nuts-Sunflower Seeds yes sometimes NO yes yes
Pancakes yes NO yes yes yes
Peaches NO NO NO NO sometimes
Pineapple-fresh NO NO NO NO yes
Pizza yes yes yes yes yes
Popcorn yes yes yes yes yes
Pork Chops NO NO NO NO sometimes
Pork-pulled-only when fresh yes yes yes yes sometimes
Pork-Roast sometimes sometimes NO sometimes sometimes
Potato-Baked NO NO NO NO NO
Potato-Mashed NO NO NO NO NO
Potato-Parmesan Roasted NO yes NO NO yes
Pumpkin Pie yes NO NO NO NO
Quesadilla yes yes sometimes yes yes
Quiche-bacon, sausage, cheese sometimes sometimes NO sometimes sometimes
Quiche-only bacon and cheese sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes
Ramen Noodles yes yes yes NO yes
Rice NO NO NO NO yes
Rotini yes NO yes yes yes
Sandwich yes yes NO NO sometimes
Sausage Pockets-homemade yes yes NO yes sometimes
Scrambled Eggs yes yes sometimes yes sometimes
Smoked Sausage yes yes yes yes yes
Spaghetti yes sometimes yes yes yes
Split Pea Soup-homemade NO NO NO NO NO
Tacos yes yes sometimes yes yes
Toast yes sometimes NO yes sometimes
Toast-cinnamon sugar yes yes NO yes sometimes
Tuna Helper-only when fresh yes NO yes NO sometimes
Waffles yes NO yes yes yes
Yogurt-homemade sometimes sometimes NO NO NO