Saturday, May 18, 2013

What I Have Learned On This House-Hunting Trip

1. It is most unpleasant to fly across the country to try to find an appropriate house for your family, even after doing hours and hours and hours of work on this project before you fly out.
2. The journey of a thousand miles is likely to end very, very badly.
3. There is definite potential for a house-hunting themed Demotivator.
4. NEVER, EVER, EVER GET MY HOPES UP. I cannot think of ONE TIME that has ended well, and isn't the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again while hoping for a different result?
5. No matter how tempting, DO NOT excitedly tell the children all about the house you finally decided on, after much agonizing, until you have closed on the house, lest something should happen, and you have to listen to their bitter complaints about the house that got away. (THANKFULLY, this occurred to me in time and, therefore, I did not have to learn it from hard experience!)
6. In the future, I need to ask the realtor to do a more thorough check on any house I want to see so that I do not get my hopes up unnecessarily, only to find out that there was an easy-to-find reason that I could not have that house.
7. Looking at 12+ houses per day, knowing that you have a set amount of time to find a house that will meet the various needs of your large family is not any sort of vacation.
8. House-hunting is A LOT like dating which sucks even more if you didn't particularly enjoy dating.
9. Be sure not to wear mascara and remember to take a box of tissues with you forget your house-hunting notebook, person who knows how to look for things like water damage and cracks in the foundation, a flashlight, a measuring tape, something to drink, and some snacks.
10. The house-hunting notebook was very helpful for keeping track of the details of various houses since they all blur together when you see so many in such a short period of time. Part of the reason it was so helpful was because I took notes on every house we visited and made sure to write things down in the "Pros" and "Cons" categories.
11. It is quite disturbing to walk into a house and be assaulted with the unmistakable smell of drugs, cigarettes, old person, or animal pee.
12. It can be uncomfortable to walk through a house when you know that somebody else already lives there.
13. If something looks to good to be true, it probably is.
14. Just like looking at my first baby's face in the hospital did not help me figure out what to name him, only one house called my name....and that one didn't work out. So.
15. If you only have 5-6 days, make sure you see as many houses as you can in the first days, so that when things go wrong, you'll still have some time.
16. It's a good idea to have a 2nd tier list, just in case none of the 25+ houses on your 1st tier list work out.
17. Have MINIMAL preferences/requirements so that you aren't disappointed with whatever you end up with. OR
18. Have All The Money so that you can buy what you need.
19. People can be jerks.
20. There is not enough ice cream or chocolate IN THE WORLD to make some things better.
21. I must be allergic to house-hunting because it has made my eyes and nose leak MULTIPLE TIMES. Maybe someone else should be in charge when this must be done again in 3 years (*SOB*).

Monday, May 6, 2013

Example of a Crappy Day Package #19

There are still spots available in the Crappy Day Present Exch*nge. Registration ends this Friday at 9pm, Pacific Time.

A Lovely, Lovely Person* sent a package of Crappy Day Presents to help me hang on a little longer brighten many of my days!

Yarn! And a beautiful plate that is just the right size for brownies! And lots of cheerfully decorated presents!

This was a nice thing to open on one of those "Why do you have to be so MEAN, MOM?!" days.

These delicious chocolate bars and this awesome vegetable cutter were opened on a day when Husband was working late, and I was in the middle of trying to fix dinner, so, naturally, Baby's stinky diaper oozed all over him, the carpet, the chair, and the nearest piece of furniture. Then a friend dropped off some cookies I was trying desperately not to eat, and, of course, since I was hungry dinner took much longer to cook than it was supposed to! CRAPPY DAY!

Yummy! And such a fun Valentine's Day present =)!

I laughed when I opened this one because just THE DAY BEFORE, I had been thinking of sending someone some brownie mix along with a bag of chocolate chips and instructions to mix them together, and, even so, I hadn't guessed what was in these presents =). Great minds think alike!

I can't remember what was stressing me out on the day I opened this probably kids, but I will be taking it with me to use during my house-hunting trip!

The kids had SO MUCH FUN with this! SO MUCH! Which I thought was funny, considering how much play-doh we have in our house, but, apparently, M0del Mag!c is MUCH more enjoyable to use!
You know, with the number of Lavender-scented things I've received, I'm starting to think that you ladies think I need to relax or something ;-).
Thank you, Lovely Person! Your thoughtfulness and support are much appreciated!!
*I will be keeping Crappy Day Present senders anonymous so that the sender doesn't have to worry that Person Q is going to see what they (the sender) sent me and possibly feel bad that their (Person Q's) package was not as fabulous as mine ;-). But if you don't worry as much as I do aren't worried about that, you are welcome to claim your package in the comments!