Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fun CDPExch*nge Facts

All assignments have been sent, so, if you haven't received yours, please let me know!

There are 42 participants in the current CDPE, so it was worth it to enlarge the Master List =)!

An enlarged Master List will hold 46 names, so that will be the cut-off from now on because enlarging the list again would make it unmanageable.

It took around 8 hours to find all of the information (who knows who, who has sent to who before, etc.) and put it on the Master List, decide on each person's assignment, and get each assignment email ready to send.
Partway filled out, Friday night
(Why is it when I WANT to take a fuzzy picture of something, I have to try 4 or 5 times, but when I DON'T want a fuzzy picture, it happens the FIRST time?!)

Assignments sent, early Saturday afternoon
There were 3 people who wanted to send but not receive this time.

There were 14 new participants.

11 people signed up on the last day of registration.

The participants are from 20 different states and 1 country outside of the USA.

In the various exch*nges, at various times, my feeble mind has needed to keep track of/not mix up:
  • 3 Lisas
  • 2 Maggies
  • 2 Emilys
  • 3 Heathers
  • 3 Kates (plus another which was spelled differently)
  • 3 Dianes
  • 2 Megans
  • 7 names ending in "y" or "ie"
  • 4 names beginning with "E" and 4 names beginning with "A"
  • 6 names beginning with "A", 3 names beginning with "E", 4 names beginning with "D", and 4 names beginning with "L"
I have coordinated 8 of these exch*nges so far =).
  • 1 person has participated in all 8.
  • 2 people have participated in 6.
  • 6 people have participated in 5.
  • 4 people have participated in 4.
  • 5 people have participated in 3.
  • 10 people have participated in 2.
  • 4 of the people who participated in the very first exchange, also participated in this one.
  • TWO HUNDRED TWENTY CDPacakges have gone out into the world through these exch*nges!!
Any questions =)?