Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Sure Didn't See This Coming!

Today started out pretty blah for various reasons, but when I came upstairs after exercising this morning, I noticed that Ian had left me a paper on my desk, right on top of one of my crocheting patterns where he knew I'd see it. When I didn't say anything right away, he asked if I had noticed the Valentine he left me, so I stopped what I was doing and read the paper. I laughed and laughed because it is just SO IAN. When I finished reading, I asked if he had done this all by himself, and he said yes. He also said this was his 3rd draft!  Considering that Husband didn't manage to give me the present I picked out for myself and gave him to give me today, and the fact that none of the other children did anything, I'm certain Husband had nothing to do with this.

Here is what he wrote, just as he wrote it:
Dear Mom,
Java Script is red, Blackboard collaborate is blue**,
If I get bored in class, It's because of all that I learned from you,
Einstien was smart, Oppenhimer too,
But neither of them are as smart as you,
Louis Armstrong reached high, the Wright Bros. did too,
They must have had mothers like you,
Nephi was brave, the Stripling warriors too,
And they owe it all to mothers like you,
Plumbers are red, Hedgehogs are blue, If i'm intrested in
something, I can count on encouragement from you,
Shakespeare wrote well, Longfellow did to, I can punctuate this
poem so well because of all the help from you,
Robin Hood shot well, Little John did too, I'll bet that they had
mothers like you,
Cargo pants are awesome, Safari vests are too, and you told me
yourself that I got that from you, :)
I like to do origami, and I can draw pretty well too, But only
because of all the support from you!
Happy Valentine's day! 
Love [Ian]

                                              *Blackboard colaborate is blue+red.

IAN, you guys! IAN. I am FLABBERGASTED! If you had told me years ago that he would ever do something like this, especially it being his own idea, I would have thought you were CRAZY.