Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let Me Take Your Order

Sometimes, it's pretty cool to be living in the future. Like when your friend is having a crappy day, and you wish you could bring her a plate of freshly baked goodies, but you can't because she lives too far away, but then you remember that you live in the future and you have CHOICES!

2-topping medium pizza, stuffed cheesy bread, wings, oven-baked sandwich, pasta, or marbled cookie brownie for $5.99 each when you order 2 or more! (I also HIGHLY recommend the parmesan bread bites (scroll down)!) This is a nice variety of sweet and savory treats!

Maybe this is a chocolate emergency; there are chocolate lava crunch cakes! Or Hot Chocolate Brownie (not sure how long this one will be available), Triple Chocolate Brownie, Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie, or Chocolate Dunkers!

If Domino's or Pizza Hut don't deliver to your friend, maybe Papa John's does! Cinnamon Knots, Chocolate Chip Cookie, or Double Chocolate Chip Brownie! Mmmmm, those Garlic Knots, Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks, and Cheesesticks look very yummy as well!

I always figure that if I'm ALREADY ordering something, I might as well make it worth the delivery charge, and, with the places linked to above, it's very easy to add a pizza to your order too! But how do you know what someone likes on their pizza? Is there a universally accepted pizza topping? WHAT IF I ORDERED THE WRONG TOPPING AND RUINED IT FOR HER?! We need to collect some data in the comments.

Hmm, I think the pizza restaurants have us covered pretty well with a variety of delicious options, but Jimmy John's (mostly sandwiches, chips, raisin oatmeal cookie, chocolate chunk cookie) also delivers in some places.

If you aren't sure what is available in your friend's area, you can try GrubHub ("Order Food Delivery Online from Local Restaurants") or Seamless. If you aren't a pizza and baked goods person, what else is there would you like?

If someone wanted to send YOU yummy food to brighten your day, what could they send? Leave your answer in the comments, with a name so people know who you are, and feel free to email me to make sure I have your current address, in case anyone (that I know) should ask me =)! Bookmark this post so you can refer to it later if there's someone you want to send food to; if you're really lucky, she will have left a comment!

I'll go first, so nobody has to feel awkward about being the first to speak up. My VERY FAVORITE pizza is Pizza Hut's deep dish, Meat Lovers with black olives because that was the pizza I ate in the delivery room right after Jeffrey was born, and nothing has ever tasted so good in my entire life! For Domino's $5.99 special, I usually get ham and black olives. I also LOVE their parmesan bread bites, and their Cinna Stix with the frosting for dipping are the best I've tried, although I can't remember which other brand I tried that I didn't like as well, and it looks like Papa John's Cinnamon Knots might be good too. That Hot Chocolate Brownie (BROWNIE!! TOPPED WITH TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS!! AND DRIZZLED WITH CHOCOLATE SYRUP!!) looks like it might fix whatever ails you as long as you aren't allergic to sugar! I...really don't know what other food a person could order and send here because I don't order food for delivery very often. I know that some Chinese restaurants deliver, but I had a bad experience with fried rice some time ago that I still haven't gotten over, so that's out for me.

Your turn! What would you like, and are there any other delivery places I don't know about that we would find useful?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Sure Didn't See This Coming!

Today started out pretty blah for various reasons, but when I came upstairs after exercising this morning, I noticed that Ian had left me a paper on my desk, right on top of one of my crocheting patterns where he knew I'd see it. When I didn't say anything right away, he asked if I had noticed the Valentine he left me, so I stopped what I was doing and read the paper. I laughed and laughed because it is just SO IAN. When I finished reading, I asked if he had done this all by himself, and he said yes. He also said this was his 3rd draft!  Considering that Husband didn't manage to give me the present I picked out for myself and gave him to give me today, and the fact that none of the other children did anything, I'm certain Husband had nothing to do with this.

Here is what he wrote, just as he wrote it:
Dear Mom,
Java Script is red, Blackboard collaborate is blue**,
If I get bored in class, It's because of all that I learned from you,
Einstien was smart, Oppenhimer too,
But neither of them are as smart as you,
Louis Armstrong reached high, the Wright Bros. did too,
They must have had mothers like you,
Nephi was brave, the Stripling warriors too,
And they owe it all to mothers like you,
Plumbers are red, Hedgehogs are blue, If i'm intrested in
something, I can count on encouragement from you,
Shakespeare wrote well, Longfellow did to, I can punctuate this
poem so well because of all the help from you,
Robin Hood shot well, Little John did too, I'll bet that they had
mothers like you,
Cargo pants are awesome, Safari vests are too, and you told me
yourself that I got that from you, :)
I like to do origami, and I can draw pretty well too, But only
because of all the support from you!
Happy Valentine's day! 
Love [Ian]

                                              *Blackboard colaborate is blue+red.

IAN, you guys! IAN. I am FLABBERGASTED! If you had told me years ago that he would ever do something like this, especially it being his own idea, I would have thought you were CRAZY.