Saturday, June 30, 2012

To Refresh Your Memory: The Master List

*drumming fingers impatiently*

While I'm we're waiting for registration to open (July 1st!) for the next Crappy Day Present Exchange, I decided that I would explain how I organize the information I request from you, also know as: the Incredible Super-Mysterious Master List!

I was sure that there must be some sort of spreadsheet computer program...thing...that would do this but I didn't have hours and HOURS to figure THAT out was so excited to get started the first time that I got out a notebook, ruler, and pen and improvised.  That time, I used a regular, on-sale-for-$0.10-during-the-back-to-school-shopping notebook, but the other day I was shopping and I found THIS on clearance:
It is hard to tell in this pictures, but all of those things that look like big dots are flowers filled with glitter!
Now I have a Very Cool, Official Crappy Day Present Exchange Notebook!

Here is the empty Master List for a previous CDP Exchange:
The only downside to this beautiful, sparkly notebook is that the lines don't line up well across the spiral, so I put numbers on each side to help me see the correct line.

See! I actually USE all of the information that I ask you to email to me =)!

I use the abbreviations on the right to make notes in the rows across the list.
Here is the filled-in list from the first exchange:
(Identifying information blocked out or changed to keep the mystery alive protect the anonymity of those involved)
This is MUCH easier to see if you click on it!
I wrote each person's name in the row on the left, and then again in a column at the top.  In each person's row, I made notes about the other participants, and I shaded out any participant that wasn't available.  When I figured out an assignment, I would put a star in the row of the person who would be sending to that person and then shaded out the rest of the column. Once I had emailed an assignmnent to a person, I highlighted her name and the star in her row so I could easily see who I had emailed...this is harder to explain than I was expecting, but, somehow, it works for me!

*back to drumming fingers impatiently*


Painless Mama said...

How funny - I actually gave that same notebook to my CDP exchange person last go-around!

Doing My Best said...

Di-That IS funny! Apparently, we both have EXCELLENT taste ;-)!

Sam said...

If you would like a spreadsheet that will do the same thing (but w/o all the notebook of cuteness) I can make you one. (No charge!) (I'm geeky like that!) (What do I say now?) (Goodbye!)

Doing My Best said...

Sam--That is so thoughtful of you, thank you! That would be great =)! If I ever have more than 27 participants, my marvelous system is going to become unwieldy, as I tape pieces of paper to the original list to get the chart big enough to fit everyone =).

But, no pressure! I can keep using my notebook this time, and, when your children ever give you a spare moment (HA ha ha ha ha!) and you feel like working on it, I will look forward to seeing what you come up with =)!

shin ae said...

(1) I love your sparkly notebook.
(2) I also love how fully devoted to the CDP exchange you are. This is a valuable public service!
(3) I may contact you for help next time I need to organize information. I think you have a gift.

Doing My Best said...

Shin Ae--
1. Me too!
2. I enjoy it SO MUCH!!
3. You know where to find me =)!