Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Example of a Crappy Day Package #15

A Lovely, Lovely Person* surprised me a while ago with this fun package!

The dark chocolate almonds are AMAZING!
Chamomile tea (WHAT? Do I seem a little STRESSED?)
A fun notebook
Pretty note cards
Decorative craft tape (which I like but can't figure out how to use)
"Relax" soap
Haribo! I had seen people talking about Haribo on Twitter, and I was excited to have a chance to try it =)! (My children were also very excited to try it!) FYI, Haribo turns into liquid if your mailbox is an oven, like mine is, but it still tastes good!

The funny thing about this package was that the Lovely Person had put her RealLastName and address on the package, so I kept looking at it thinking, "Who do I know with that last name in that state? It seems SO familiar, but I just can't place it!" When I opened the package and read the card, I realized that it was because I think of this person as RealFirstName TwitterHandle =).

Thank you, Lovely Person! This was a fun surprise!
*I will be keeping Crappy Day Present senders anonymous so that the sender doesn't have to worry that Person Q is going to see what they (the sender) sent me and possibly feel bad that their (Person Q's) package was not as fabulous as mine ;-). But if you don't worry as much as I do aren't worried about that, you are welcome to claim your package in the comments!


twisterfish said...

What lovely friends you have. Quite possibly that is due to you being quite a lovely friend yourself!
Great CDP... especially the dark chocolate almonds!

shin ae said...

What a sweet bunch of gifts. You neeeeeed to look on Pinterest to see what to do with the craft tape. You don't need an account to search! (but if you get an account, let me know ;)