Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ideas for Crappy Day Presents

Mrs. Irritation had a wonderful suggestion that I should do a post asking what YOUR favorite CDPs have been, to give people ideas in case anyone is stumped!

So, what have been your favorite CDPs? Leave an anonymous comment to let us know =)!
Also, here are the links I have for Examples of Crappy Day Presents:

Example of a CDP #1
Example of a CDP #2
Example of a CDP #3
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Example of a CDP #5
Example of a CDP #6
Example of a CDP #7
Example of a CDP #8
Example of a CDP #9
Example of a CDP #10
Example of a CDP #11

Links to packages from previous exchanges.


Swistle said...

One of my favorites to receive was cute gift tags. Gift tags are the kinds of things I SEE and WANT but then don't buy for myself.

Another one I enjoyed getting was nail polish.

I like to GIVE earrings, cute coin purses, reusable shopping bags.

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite things to open was artwork. It's something I'd never think to buy for myself but I love that I was given some. Writing paper/notecards have gone down well, too.

Anonymous said...

Favorite items received: chocolate and things I can use over and over again, like cute reusable bags and a cute notebook and nice pen.

And the very best gifts were the ones that were unique to me -- the giver took the time to read my blog to get to know me, and sent items very specific to things I had posted about. Very cool and very kind.

Anonymous said...

My most recent one had written on each one a hint, like "yum" and "for messes" and stuff. It made it super fun to be able to sort of suit the present to the specfics of my crappy day. :)

Gina said...

I received a "Color Explosion" card making kit (for my kids) and it was fantastic - kept them occupied for HOURS! That is priceless.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten so much awesome stuff...a blanket, some cute PJ pants, candy, cute stationary, candles, and lots and lots of things in my favorite color.

I agree with the personalized things being the best. I love knowing that the sender tried really hard to send me things she knew I would like.

I like getting little hints one the package, too. For example, if it's an "I need chocolate!" kind of day, a CDP with "yummy" on it is going to appeal more than others.

It's also nice to get little gifts for the kids. My older one always wants to open my presents and is just thrilled when he gets one of his own.

shin ae said...

My favorite has been a handmade blanket which I use every single day. It is lovely.