Monday, July 30, 2012

Potpourri: CDP Ideas, Clothes, Harry Potter Day

Thanks to two Lovely People, it has come to my attention that, even if you only have a person's email address*, on you can buy a Kindle book or gift card for someone and Amazon will deliver a cheerful email to that person along with whatever sweet note you write! This is an AWESOME, VERY FUN idea with ALL SORTS of possibilities =)!!

*The recipient will be able to use the gift even if the email address it was sent to is not the same email address listed on the recipient's main account.

Lippy had a great idea about stocking up on school supplies right now, while they're so inexpensive, to make CDPs to give as teacher gifts in December!! Since she actually IS a teacher, you should click here and go read what she has to say =)!

I am finding it a little frustrating that I had a husky-sized boy, followed by a slim-sized boy, followed by a husky-sized boy. This is making the passing-down-of-the-clothes a little tricky.

Tomorrow because parenthood MUST be enjoyable every so often or else I GO INTO DECLINE we are having a Harry Potter Day! The kids have been excited ever since they came up with this idea and I agreed to it. I checked The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook out at the library, hoping that the children might be convinced to try something new (a "trying to feed the kids" post is coming, oh yes it is!), and they had a great time poring over all of the recipes. In the end, they decided on:
  • Breakfast: bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs (and I decided on English Muffins)
  • Lunch: sandwiches
  • Dinner: Mrs. Weasley's meatballs (except with spaghetti instead of onion sauce)
  • Treats: Treacle Fudge, Sugar Mice, Chocolate Layer Cake (in honor of Harry's first birthday cake)
Do you SEE all of the horizon-broadening there?! Me neither.

(Next year, I think I'll try The Unofficial Harry Potter Party Book; it includes activities as well as recipes!)

Along with the delicious food, which will start being prepared today (wouldn't want anything to turn out badly for the celebration! I'd better test that fudge recipe THOROUGHLY before tomorrow!), we are going to do a sorting activity and some "homework" on "scrolls". I found a big package of paper rolls for adding machines or calculators, and we are going to make a scroll-timeline so the children can see how quickly the next few years of their lives are going to pass, and they can make goals for those next few years. (I will be using the rest of the "scrolls" in our home school; each child is going to make a timeline of the history of the world as we study history for the next few years.)

Finally, we will watch as many of the movies as we have time for! (So far, the children are allowed to watch 1-3.)

I hope it will be a fun day and memorable in a good way!
And now I am off to test that fudge recipe crack the whip get the children up and started on their morning chores!


Jessica said...

If you end up with too much practice fudge, I'll be glad to take it off your hands. Just trying to help.

Sounds like a fun day planned!

shina e said...

That's very sweet! I had to laugh at your horizon-broadening line. So funny.

Kenner said...

I love that everyone came up with a Harry Potter themed day! (When I read your post about the fudge I thought it was a community or school event or something! It's so much cooler that it was a family planned thing!) I hope you're having a blast :)