Saturday, June 9, 2012

Example of a Crappy Day Package #11 (Updated At the End)

A Lovely, Lovely Person* sent a CDPackage to cheer me up and give me strength during these brutal relentless discouraging challenging days of motherhood!

Lots of cheerfully wrapped presents and a sweet card!
Bubble wrap!! (The children especially thank-you for this.)

Presents #1 and #2

#1: YUMMY! This had the PERFECT ratio of chocolate to pretzel.

#2: What a great idea! I'd never seen these before! It was a challenge for me to not use my hands for 20 minutes, but I finally did it, and it was quite pampering!

Presents #3 and #4

#3: How perfect! I miss Mister Rogers; he was so kind and wise. The world could use more people like him!

#4: Wonderful things for tired feet! I really enjoy socks that are heavenly-soft, and I am sad that one of these has gone missing, so the other one is on my lost-sock hanger =(.

Present #5

#5: There can never be too much delicious chocolate!! These were yummy!

Present #6 in 4 parts

#6: These are a very pleasant sweet-pea scent! Good timing too: I was almost out of the last CDP soap I enjoyed so much!

Present #7
It had just been ONE OF THOSE DAYS. (Ian lost the privilege of SPEAKING early on in the day because his loud, angry voice was killing my spirit. I hurt my shoulder, which had JUST stopped hurting, again when I lifted the vacuum cleaner over the couch while we were deep cleaning the VERY HOT AND NO CEILING FAN IN SIGHT living room. I got hot and grumpy AGAIN when we were organizing the game/coloring book shelves, and the ONLY thing that made me feel better was ice cream. And on and on and on.) And I was TRYING to hang in there....and then I heard the sound of something crashing to the floor and shattering. And even then, I didn't get angry or start screaming, but when I discovered that a child had just broken ANOTHER one of the measuring cups I LOVE because they are beautiful and have all of my favorite colors from the dishes I finally picked out after 8 or 9 years of marriage, I thought I might have to cry, so I went to my room.

I hesitated to open this CDP because I was afraid of wasting it on a day in which there was NO HOPE. But, since it WAS a severely Crappy Day, I followed directions and opened it anyway, and the most amazing thing happened: as I saw what was in the package, my face smiled involuntarily, and the Crappiness that had been so oppressive mere MOMENTS before just dissapated in the face of this awesomeness:

A Baskin Robbins gift card wrapped in ice cream cone tissue paper!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Lovely Person, for helping me through some discouraging days!!

*I will be keeping Crappy Day Present senders anonymous so that the sender doesn't have to worry that Person Q is going to see what they (the sender) sent me and possibly feel bad that their (Person Q's) package was not as fabulous as mine ;-). But if you don't worry as much as I do aren't worried about that, you are welcome to claim your package in the comments!


Kenner said...

Hahahahahaha, I'm so sorry, but the picture of present #1 . . . the glare . . . I figured out that it was a chocolate covered pretzel, but my FIRST thought was that it was poop ;) And that made me giggle, which I am calling a CDP for myself after a long day of used car shopping with a toddler while feeling pregnant and yucky ;)

Doing My Best said...

Kenner--Glad I could help out =).

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

You have a great deal of restraint, not to open #7!

But I suppose it is a GOOD thing that you have had need for only six of the CDPs?

Ugh. I do not want you to open #7 now. Because that means a bad day. Let it sit on your desk for many years!

Doing My Best said...

Life of a Doctor's Wife--It takes great restraint not to open it when I see it on a non-Crappy Day, but then, when it IS a Crappy Day, I'm too busy/overwhelmed with dealing with the day to remember to open it! ONE OF THESE DAYS I'll remember to open it because I am very curious =)!