Monday, May 7, 2012

Example of a Crappy Day Package #10

I am still revelling in my vacation, which is going by MUCH too quickly! I finished reading all of the H@rry P0tter books, which I very much enjoyed. Chocolate World was very delicious interesting. Having, er, supported this company so faithfully for so many years, I found the surroundings to be quite comfortable and familiar and half expected them to welcome me in like an old friend; perhaps this is what it is like when you meet blog-friends for the first time? I passed up a GIANT tube of chocolate-flavored lip gloss and chocolate-scented lotion, but did not pass up a large amount of few of the MANY varieties of delicious candy =).

This week I'm going to try to catch up on blog posts that I have started but been unable to finish.

As wonderful it is to be on vacation and spend time with my dear friend, I am not feeling as rested and clear-minded as I had hoped I would =(. Surely this indicates the need for a MUCH LONGER vacation, right ;-)?

Please remember to send your packages for the current Crappy Day Present Exchange NO LATER THAN May 15th, which is coming right up!  Here is another example of an excellent Crappy Day Package to inspire you!
A Lovely, Lovely Person* sent a Crappy Day Package to help me face a few more unpleasant intense days!

I loved the message on the outside of the box!

Bright and cheery wrapping

This one made me tear up a little; so thoughtful!

Lovely Person was right! The beautiful colors and soft texture made me VERY happy =)!

Wahoo!! NEW (as opposed to smashed-tip, dried out) markers to make my color-coding soul happy!

Pretty, COORDINATING stationary!

This day was so Crappy that I was unable to take a picture of the package before opening it.....

Bath bombs! I tried one shortly after opening this package, and I really liked it! It was fun to lock myself in my bathroom ALONE watch it bobbing around in the bathtub and enjoy the peace and quiet the smell was pleasant, without being overpowering!

Thank you, Lovely, Lovely Person!! I appreciated your thoughtfulness and the strengthening power of knowing I had Crappy Day Presents if I needed them!!
*I will be keeping Crappy Day Present senders anonymous so that the sender doesn't have to worry that Person Q is going to see what they (the sender) sent me and possibly feel bad that their (Person Q's) package was not as fabulous as mine ;-). But if you don't worry as much as I do aren't worried about that, you are welcome to claim your package in the comments!


Jessica said...

Ooh, I love the markers. Now I want to go buy some.

twisterfish said...

That's a great CDP!