Monday, May 21, 2012

An Easy Way to Make Cleaning Cloths

I LOVE sewing projects like this one because it doesn't matter how badly I sew or if my finished product looks terrible! It's all about USEFULNESS of the item instead of beauty!

I had another large pile of old tee shirts and other clothes that were hopelessly stained or had little holes but still had a lot of usable cloth , so I again turned them into snuggles for animal cages (scroll down to see pictures). But this time I had a few baby onesies that weren't going to be very big and some sleeves from some long sleeved shirts that were going to look funny and be lumpy if I left them on the main shirt. It turns out, they made PERFECT cleaning mitts!

Baby-sized onesie: turned inside out, cut off snaps, sewed armholes and leg part closed, turned right-side out

Sleeve: cut two sleeves off of a shirt near the shoulder seam, cut sleeves open along the seam running down the length of the sleeve, matched two sleeves with right sides together, sewed around the edges leaving the cuff un-sewn, turned right side out

I used two different sets of sleeves for some of the mitts, to make them thicker. I sewed them separately, as described above, then inserted a smaller mitt into a larger one and sewed around the edges to keep them together.

The sleeves from the children's clothes made cleaning mitts just the right size for the children to use =)!


Cayt said...

Hey, good thinking! I've had the sewing machine out this weekend, but nothing so practical or useful as this.

twisterfish said...

Clever idea!

Josefina said...

Smart lady :)

Kenner said...

You're so crafty and smart, I love it! What a great idea!

Mouse said...

Genius! Smartypants. :-)