Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PSA: How to Unclog an Upright Vacuum Cleaner and updates

If your upright vacuum cleaner gets clogged, and you are almost certain it is because your children never hear a word you say and vacuumed up something that was OBVIOUSLY too big:  unplug the machine, and instead of taking it apart (because you JUST CAN'T DEAL with finding the nearest dealer who is located in a city about an hour away from you (in the OPPOSITE direction of anywhere you ever need to go) and you are VERY MUCH HOPING that you can fix it because it is necessary to use the vacuum in your house AT LEAST once a day) from the bottom to the top while little helpers dance all around you, excitedly wielding screwdrivers that they insist on poking into the now-exposed innards of the vacuum cleaner while you try DESPERATELY to keep track of all of the pieces and the order in which you removed them, while also fighting the urge to rip all of the carpet out of the entire house WITH YOUR BARE HANDS because you cannot believe how dirty and disgusting the vacuum cleaner is when you get this up close and personal, only to discover that the wires leading from the on/off switch to the motor are going to keep you from EVER getting to the other end of the suction tube, and when you FINALLY get everything put back together you realize that you SHOULD HAVE JUST tried to get a wire hanger, gently unwind it so that it is (mostly) straight and long, and carefully poke it around in the tube until you are able to pull out whatever is clogging the tube and all of the disgusting stuff that has backed up since the vacuum first got clogged and nobody mentioned it to you.  That could VERY EASILY solve the problem and will not cause you to lose what is left of your will to live when you get the vacuum cleaner re-assembled and it WILL NOT START, which then leads to the purchase of a NEW vacuum cleaner take nearly as long as taking it all apart WHICH DIDN'T WORK ANYWAY.
*Husband is doing fine so far, other than missing his exceptional, beautiful, IRREPLACEABLE loving wife and his loud, rowdy, destructive, precious children.  He will continue training in the USA until the end of October, and then he will be going overseas.  So far, we have been able to Skype with him frequently;  the children enjoy that, but it has been surprisingly hard on me to be able to SEE him...and yet he's still so far out of my reach.  The children have adjusted better than I dared hope, and Baby absolutely stunned me with how well he has done.  The first 2 or 3 times we used Skype and he saw his Daddy on the screen he was pretty subdued, but now anytime anyone mentions "Daddy", he runs over to the computer excitedly and points at the screen happily, looking for Daddy.  I ordered a fleece picture blanket from Snapfish and was very pleased when it arrived!  The picture of Husband looks great, and it is a nice, sturdy blanket that I think will hold up really well.  I spread it out on the floor, and Baby immediately said, "Daddy!" and laid down to pat Daddy's face.

*The Key Lime cookies were delicious =)!

*If you do a post on your experience with weaning a baby, or Crappy Day Presents given or received, email me a link, and I will add it to the appropriate post here, if you'd like.

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I love that blanket idea, what a sweet image.