Saturday, September 26, 2015

TWENTY! 2! 0!

In honor of this being the *TWENTIETH!* CDP exch*nge (who would've thought it would go on so long?!), I thought I'd write a new registration post as a gift for us all ;-).

If this is your first time signing up, you haven't signed up in a while and need to be reminded, or this post doesn't have enough details for you, go here to read the usual post (just remember to use the dates on this post).

It seems like there ought to be something really fun we could do for this *TWENTIETH!* exch*nge (Everyone gets a cool, commemorative tee shirt! I give away 20 $20 gift cards! The first 20 registrations get a NEW CAR! Alas. The budget.) ....but nothing really came to mind that wouldn't just complicate things for the participants (well, one lovely person suggested: "...we all buy 20 cupcakes...and then eat them. Maybe we take pics? Maybe just eat a ton of cupcakes." This could be a delicious bonding experience for us all!), so here are some fun ideas people gave me that you can use if you'd like (not required!), or, if you think of something fun on your own, let me know so I can fully appreciate your genius!
 You could:
  • Send 20 of something (20 pieces of candy! 20 cookies! 20 pieces of gum!)
  • A project with 20 pieces
  • A glittery thing with 20 jewels
  • A thing that was popular when you, or the giftee, were 20
  • 20th anniversary edition of something
  • 20th wedding anniversary gift is china; you could send a mug or a teacup
  • A bottle of nail polish (20 nails in a mani-pedi)
If you want to register for this exch*nge, email me the usual information by 9:00p.m. Eastern Time, Friday, October 9th, and I will work on assignments as soon as I get up on Saturday! Please send your package no later than Saturday, November 14th!

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