Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Such a Sweet Surprise!

So, today's fun actually started last night, when Ian decided to stay up until....well, I went to bed around 11pm and his lamp was still on, despite "lights out" time being at 9pm. (There is a schedule posted on the wall, so Ian knows very well when he's supposed to turn his light out, when he is expected to be out of bed in the morning, and when our day is going to start.)

This morning I was busy getting people on the Master List for the current CDP Exchange, yippee!! printing out the school schedules for the week, and, by the time I finished, it was time for the children to start their school "stations" (they rotate through 4 activities, changing stations every 30 minutes). Ian, of course, was still in bed and was QUITE unhappy when I informed him that he had missed breakfast time but was welcome to eat a fruit or vegetable while he worked on his stations.

Then I got Jeffrey up, changed him, and brought him in the kitchen for his breakfast, while Ian made no attempt to hide his EXTREME-DISPLEASURE-BORDERING-ON-DISGUST over the double standard at our house! Why should JEFFREY get to eat breakfast when breakfast time was over?! Oh, the Righteous Indignation of the Woefully Wronged Almost-Teenager! Let's just ignore the fact that Jeffrey is TWO YEARS OLD and nowhere near the legal age for formal education requirements and TWO YEARS OLD, and instead focus on the ABSOLUTE UNFAIRNESS of the fact that there are CONSEQUENCES for our actions!

Needless to say, Ian continued to be even more grumpy and irritable than usual with everyone who crossed his path for the rest of the day.

Later, as I was trying to read to the children (which is SO FRUSTRATING because they are CONSTANTLY interrupting me), I looked up just as Jeffrey was leaning towards Dog to pet her, and Dog jumped up and tried to sink her teeth into Jeffrey's head; she was trying so determinedly that, when it was over and I looked at Jeffrey's head, it looked like he had scraped it on the sidewalk. Luckily, I was within arms-reach and immediately jumped up and got Dog away from Jeffrey while letting her know that she had just made a SERIOUS error in judgement. Sigh.

Unfortunately, Dog has been aggressive since before we got her. Even as a puppy, she repeatedly attacked the other dog at her first home. (Strangely, she hasn't shown any aggression towards our cats, and she and Kitten have a wonderful time chasing each other around and playing.) When she first came to us, she would snap at Baby when she was near me and he would come over to me. I thought we had taken care of that, but, lately, she's been snapping at him again whenever Husband or I have picked him up. I would have gotten rid of her LONG AGO (this is the dog with the bark that is the same pitch and intensity as our FIRE ALARM), but Ian begged me not to because he loves her. When she started snapping at Baby again, I told him she would have to go if she bit anyone.

The rest of my day was filled with wailing, tears, and pleading from Ian and Marie as they tried to change my mind about finding her a new home while I tried to make dinner, make bread, and make another batch of baked oatmeal. In the middle of this, Husband came home (more chaos and barking!), the UPS truck stopped by, and I heard Husband sending Jeffrey in to me with a "special delivery". I thought it was the freeze-dried yogurt bites I had ordered, but I glanced at the small package while I was stirring various things and noticed that it was from See's Candies! I quickly searched through my memory trying to remember if I had ordered anything from them and worried for a moment that I might have been involved in some sleep-shopping, but when I looked closely, the package was addressed to "RealFirstName InternetName", and when I opened the packing information, I found this:

 With this inside:

A Lovely, Lovely Person had read my post and had sent my favorite candy to me to help with my vacation countdown! Thank you so much, Lovely Person!! That was such a kind, thoughtful thing to do, and such a fun surprise!  I feel so loved and so grateful to be able to call so many Lovely People my friends! The world would certainly be improved if there were more people like you in it =)!

The cheerfully wrapped box of deliciousness
YUMMY! Ahem. I mean, they arrived in good shape!
I counted and wrote down when I can start eating one each day so that I eat the last one the day before I leave =)!


Sam said...

One each day? That is madness! I don't know if I could make it.

Cayt said...

Wow! Sounds like you needed that love right then, too.

I totally sympathise with Ian thinking that it's Not! Fair! that he has to take responsibility for his choices and his brother doesn't, but it would be even more Not Fair to expect Jeffrey to act like a 12 year old and I bet Ian doesn't actually want to be treated like a 2 year old. It's gotta suck for you anyway because there is no way to make it fair and pleasant for everybody (not to mention that people tend to be less reasonable when they're short on sleep, and yet some people insist upon staying up as late as they think they can get away with regardless).

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Oh, the horrid unfairness of Younger Siblings! Or of Different Siblings Being Treated Differently for Whatever (REASONABLE) Reason!

I'm so sorry you had such a yucky day and that it ended well! And that you don't have to wait too long to eat the first candy (what willpower you have!!).

Swistle said...

We have the same thing in our house: the 7th grader APPALLED and DISGUSTED that the preschooler doesn't have the same rules to follow. It SOMETIMES helps to use the "When you were a preschooler, you were treated as Henry is now; and when Henry is a 7th grader, he will be treated as you are now." But he will argue with that: NO, he is sure he has been held to higher standards all along; NO, he can see 9 years into the future and knows things will be different for Henry.

Oh, hard dog decision! I'm sorry you have to handlet hat.


Lippy said...

Butterscotch squares, best candy ever! I do love it when older children gripe about how "lucky" the littler ones are, so annoying.

Anonymous said...

I may have drooled on my screen a little. I've never had a butterscotch square but they sound delightful.

I'm sorry about the dog issue. Will you be able to find another home? No more fire alarm!!

Emily said...

My mom is right to be jealous of internet friends. They really are the best.

I'm sorry you're dealing with the "no fair"s and dog issues right now. I know the candy won't fix the problems, but hopefully it at least eases their annoyingness.

Josefina said...

Seeeeeees. So good! You totally deserve it.

Doing My Best said...

I will be interested to see how it goes; I am not an eat-one-and-be-satisfied kind of person, but it is a fun idea to use the candy as a countdown, so we'll see!

Doing My Best said...

Yes, it is a WONDERFUL THING when Lovely People have excellent timing =)!

Doing My Best said...

My will-power did waver when I opened the box to take the picture and caught a delicious whiff of the Butterscotch squares, but, so far, I am holding strong! (Of course, that could change, depending on the circumstances of the day =).)

Doing My Best said...

I tell Ian that he did such-or-so when he was the age of the person who is currently irritating him, and he looks at me like I am LYING. METHINKS THERE IS NO WINNING HERE!

Doing My Best said...

I get bitter that the olders don't remember how nice they had it when they were younger just because there weren't so many people wanting my attention!

Doing My Best said...

They are basically brown sugar, mixed with cream, and covered in high quality milk chocolate. You're welcome =). (They sell See's Candies at various airports; you should have your husband get some for you! You can send the rest to me if you don't end up liking them ;-).)

I don't know what to do about the dog! How can you find a home for a dog who is aggressive and bites children? (Not to mention her unfortunate, frequent barking...) She is sweet (when she isn't jealous), affectionate, and she's really smart, but she needs to be an only dog in a house with no children. We are spreading the word, but it's not looking good. This really sucks!

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I have never had a butterscotch square, but they sound good.

And I'm so sorry about the dog situation. :-( We used to take in dogs who were no longer "right" for city life. (Barking, too aggressive because of being shut in a house all day, constantly jumping fences, etc.) We lived out in the country and our dogs lived outside where they could roam and play with horses and never deal with a child. Is that... something you can look into? My parents already have a dog (and live in a different state), otherwise I would suggest you send your dog to them. :-(

Jessica said...

Sigh. I am really not looking forward to teenagers. I didn't even like other teenagers when I WAS one.

The candy is so nice! I saw what you said in the comments about not being a eat-one-and-be-satisfied person and I am exactly the same way. I'd probably eat two every other day or something.

d e v a n said...

Urgh, sorry about the dog! I'm so glad you had a surprise waiting for you at the end of that trying day!