Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thesis Defense Nightmare

About a month before we moved, Husband had to defend his Master's Thesis.  In a cruel twist of fate, these were the circumstances leading up to that day:

The day before Husband's thesis defense, Marie had been throwing up all day.  She would start to whine, say she was thirsty, get a drink, and then throw up all over the floor because I couldn't convince her to throw up in  the bowl.  Since Marie was sleeping in our room while she was sick, I told Husband to sleep downstairs, so he could, hopefully, get some sleep and be able to think clearly during his defense. 

I tried to go to bed, but Marie kept coughing or getting up and saying she was thirsty, and every time she would do those things, I was afraid she was going to throw up again, so I would jump up to take care of her.  She FINALLY settled down after 2-3 hours of this, and then I heard David....throwing up all over the carpet from his room to my room. 

I took care of David, and I asked Ian how he was feeling.  He assured me that he was feeling fine, but, thankfully, I listened to that little voice that told me I should get him a bowl before I took care of the carpet.  While I was cleaning the carpet, Ian threw up, in the bowl (PRAISE THE LORD!). 

I finally got everything cleaned up and everyone taken care of, and I decided I would go wake Joseph up and feed him since it was 3 or 4AM already, and I hoped that if I woke him up to feed him THEN, I might still be able to get some sleep because he wouldn't wake up for a few more hours.  I went to pick Joseph up...and felt something crusty.  Sometime during the night, he had thrown up all over himself and the crib, and he hadn't even cried!  He just rolled over and went to sleep! 

Around midnight I had heard Husband getting up repeatedly, so I knew he was sick.  He had come upstairs when David had been sick, but I had told him to go back down and rest.  I had to take Joseph down to him, though, because I couldn't take care of Joseph and his bed at the same time. 

I finally got Joseph and his bed cleaned up and crawled back into bed, but every few minutes one of the boys would come in and say, "I threw up again, Mom."  FINALLY I was able to get to sleep around 6:30AM....and Joseph woke up about an hour later;  I wanted to weep!

Poor Husband looked positively green, but he still had to defend his thesis. 

Thankfully, I didn't get sick until everyone else had recovered.

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josefinalouise said...

Nightmare is the perfect word for this. I feel so bad for you guys, retroactively.