Thursday, July 14, 2011

Then: The Piano Bench, Waffle Wednesday, and More!

One day, before we had moved, I was upstairs trying to do some organizing.  I could hear the boys playing happily downstairs, which, of course, made me VERY SUSPICIOUS.  I came downstairs to get something, and, as I walked past them, they were suddenly silent and watching me with peculiar, expectant looks on their faces.  When I walked past them again to go back upstairs, I noticed this:

10 minutes before this photo, this was a piano bench with a lovingly-used, gently distressed look about it.
Now it is the answer to the question:  what happens when you combine 2 boys + 2 PEZ dispensers + 10 minutes alone with the piano bench?
It took them, supervised by their father, a LONG TIME to sand that down and re-finish it!

MANY hours of sanding later...

In the midst of glorious parenting, Husband was sent away to do training for work for FIVE WEEKS (missing 1 birthday and 1 anniversary).  I think the only good thing that came from that ETERNAL FIVE WEEKS was that 2 or 3 of my friends and I started having "Waffle Wednesday" every week.  Their husbands had meetings Wednesday nights, so they would come, with their kids, to my house, and I would cook waffles (or pancakes) for dinner for everyone while they had the harder job of wrangling all of the kids

It was SO FUN!  It was totally casual, so there wasn't the usual stress involved with inviting someone over for dinner.  I made waffles about once a week anyway because my kids liked them.  Waffles are a really easy/inexpensive meal to make, so there was no problem there.  Sometimes I would make scrambled eggs too, or one of them would bring bacon or juice or something to go with the waffles.  We all had little kids, and my house was already infested with kids kid-friendly, so it was happy chaos as the children played while the moms visited.  By the time we were finished eating and visiting, it was time for all of our kids to go to bed!  We did this every week for about a year, until I got sick with my last pregnancy.  Such GREAT memories!

Joseph and Marie "cro-shway-ing"
Birthday boy picked brownies, instead of cake, this year, and he ate them!
(I just realized that Baby is currently wearing that outfit...he is 6 months younger than Joseph was when he was wearing it, and the outfit hasn't shrunk.)
Someone was VERY PROUD that he had climbed up on his dresser and could get his own shoes on.
I turned around to see that Marie had discovered how to make a "cheese sandwich"!

She was quite pleased with herself!  (And since there were VERY FEW things she would eat, I thought it was a GREAT idea!)

It was shortly after Husband returned from his month-long absence that I DESPERATELY NEEDED some time away from children was inspired to re-do Ian's room

And a few weeks after that, I went, ALL BY MYSELF, to visit one of my friends in a different state so there was no way I could return home until my plane ticket said I could who conveniently unfortunately didn't have a land line, so I had to be really careful to keep my cell phone turned on so my family could reach me if they needed for example, if Husband had let someone CARVE WOOD with an EXACTO KNIFE, and subsequently needed some one's social security number in order to (BIG SURPRISE) check in to the Emergency Room.  I may have forgotten to turn it on a lot few times. 

It was SO LOVELY and refreshing to be able to do WHATEVER I WANTED!  I could wear my pajamas all day and take a shower whenever I felt like it.  I didn't have to fix any meals unless *I* was hungry, and then there was no complaining about the chocolate covered peanuts meal I grabbed fixed.  I didn't have to clean anything because we were not slobs cleaned up after ourselves as we went along.  Husband emailed me every night to let me know how things were going/remind me what I was missing;  at one point I mentioned that he might not want to refresh my mind on what I was missing quite so clearly until I was back in the state and couldn't get away.

One day, after I got home, David asked me a question, I answered him, and he argued with my answer.  Before I could say anything, Ian piped up with, "Are you really going to argue with someone who has a college education?"  I guess they'd heard me someone say THAT before....

Joseph discovered that he could reach the bathroom sink if he hooked his cute little toes on the knobs on the cabinet doors.

We went home to visit our families, and that is when Marie discovered that she LOOOOOOOOOOVED horses!  She was able to ride horses at her uncle's house, and she talked and talked about that until we went back 2 years later.

It had to happen eventually:  Marie cut her own hair.
I am REALLY tempted to point out that this happened on Husband's watch, but, as that would probably be tempting fate, I will refrain.

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