Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Then: Funny things a 22-month old says...and Now: Children's bedrooms

A month later, I wrote down more of the things Joseph said.  It was interesting to see his progress in only one month!

*Me try apple pie (it was cheesecake), Mommy?
*Get more water in there, Mommy.  Fank you.
*Wiped fee feam (ice cream) off that table.
*Me wiped water off.
*Get out!  (He wanted out of his high chair.)  All done!  You eat my fee feam too.
*Finger, Mama?  Wash my finger off?
*One...two...three...four...five...take hat off?
*Me counting "one...two...three...four...five".
*You sewing those clothes up.
*Me get mine arm out.
*Beep beeped in there.  Daddy stand on that chair.  French fries scared me.  (One night the fire alarms went off right after we put Joseph to bed.  Husband had to stand on the chair to re-set them.  Another night, Husband put potatoes in oil to make french fries, and it made a loud noise and semi-explosion of oil.  Joseph remembered, and talked about, both events for a long time.)
*Took those tires off those wheels.  (He took the rubber tires off of a toy car.)
*You goed shopping.  Me played with [Babysitter].  [Babysitter] changed mine diaper.
*Daddy fixed that beep.
*Puppy.  Me have puppy dog.
*Those baby kittens loud!
*Me kiss fan?
*Me open that door?  No, Winkie opens that door.  (Nearly every time we read Wee Willie Winkie, he would ask about opening the door pictured on the last page.)
*Me goed pee pee in mine potty.
*Me shared with sister.
*Talking loud sister, Mommy.
*Sit DOWN.  Eat mine applesauce.
*Sister seed airplanes.
*Sister tipped me over.
*Home Daddy.  Daddy bringed chocolate.  (I have NO IDEA how this child knew so much about chocolate at such a young age...)
*Cat say meow.
*Mama getting that [Joseph].  (in a picture)
*Fruit snack.  Me have mine fruit snack.
*Me has yours water?
*Daddy changed mine stinky diaper.
*Me have mine medicines, Mommy.
*Me have one those cookies, Mommy.
*You kiss me better, Mommy?  Thanks you, Mommy.
*(He got an owie.)  You kiss me, Mommy?  (I kissed his cheek.)  NO!  ON MINE NOSE!
*You get me some milk in mine Snoopy cup?
*Me find mine hymn book.
*That ladybug climbed on mine shirt.  (Another event he talked about for a long time.)
*Me 'pilled water in that room.  You vacuumed it up.
*Me taked it out of mine nose.
*Me climbing off hers potty.
*Blue's Clues on mine shoes.
*My 'tool go, Mommy?  (Where did my stool go?)  (I told him it was in the bathroom.) K!...Me got it!
*Baby tooked those apples out mine 'noopy (Snoopy) bowl (followed by a big HUFF)!  (We were babysitting a one-year old who tried to share Joseph's apples.)
How can someone who still has such a baby face say all of those things?
So, I'm going to need to change the room arrangements at my house again.  We currently have:
*3 bedrooms for 5 children
*4 boys and 1 girl
*4 older kids and 1 "baby"
*2 harder-to-get-along-with children, 2 easier-to-get-along-with children, and 1 baby who still needs a nap

This reminds me so much of a logic puzzle:  5 variables with similarities and differences needing to be sorted into 3 spots.

At one point, we had a baby room with the crib, 2 sets of bunk beds in the room next to the baby room, and toys and dressers in the other room.  This worked for a while, but the sleeping room still managed to get messy, and that arrangement makes it a little tricky to separate people during quiet time.  Plus, everyone is a little older now, and some people really need their own space....or, at least, space they only have to share with one other person. 

Right now, we have the baby room, and then 2 rooms occupied by 1 harder-to-get-along-with child and 1 easier-to-get-along-with child.  This has worked moderately, but I feel so bad for the easier-to-get-along-with children who NEVER RARELY GET A MOMENT'S PEACE. 

I had a tentative room-shuffling plan for when the baby doesn't need a nap anymore, but Marie will be 9 or 10 years old by then, and will probably need to not be sharing a room with any brothers...although, maybe she could share with baby?  He'll be 3 or 4 at that point....I don't know.  Anybody have any advice/suggestions about room sharing with boy/girl siblings?

The IDEAL thing would be to have a separate room for each child, or at least, to have one more bedroom than we do now, so that the older 3 children could each have their own rooms, and the younger 2 could share....but when are things ever ideal?

I think what I'm going to do to change things this time, is to put the 2 Harders together in one room and the 2 Easiers in the other room.  I'll still hear fighting coming down the hall, but at least it will only be coming from ONE room instead of TWO, and it will give the Easiers a chance to be around somebody pleasant for a change.  My biggest issue now is figuring out how to move the furniture and belongings around while still making everything fit.


d e v a n said...

Hmmm, in our house we have 4 children for 3 bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms are large and one is small. The small room has always been the baby's room, and is now Miss L's room and will probably stay that way since she's the only girl.

We decided who would share based on who got along well together. d & O get along great, even though O &C are only 13 months apart. SO, d and o share a room and O and C share a closet and dressers. It works for now, although 3 of them are still napping. It actually works out well when d is in school because they are each in their own room for a nap.

I'm sorry I don't remember how old the baby is... but I would probably put Marie in her own, probably smallest, room and pair up the others based on personalities and napping/school schedules.

Doing My Best said...

Devan--Oh, yes, I guess room size would have been helpful too. The two rooms that are next to each other are the same size, and the other room is slightly bigger.
Baby is almost 18 months old, and has moved to the one nap schedule, and, if I'm really lucky, he'll sleep for 3 hours. The rest of us have "quiet time" during Baby's nap.
And we are home schooling, so there won't be any school schedules to work around.
I had always planned on putting Marie in her own room once Baby is in a bed, but I expect that to be another year or two (*I* need him to nap!!)...but then I feel bad because there is a really...ornery...irritable person in the family, and I hate to inflict him on his siblings, uh, I mean, I really think he'd benefit from having his own space....so, yeah. I guess my biggest problems are the one who doesn't get along well with anyone on a regular basis, and the fact that Marie is going to need to not be sharing a room with a brother at some point. Hopefully she will get along with Baby when he's ready for a regular bed, and that will buy us a little time.