Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Morning Chatterings of a 21-Month Old

When I had been pregnant with Joseph, part of me worried that he was going to end up being the poor, neglected, fourth child......ha ha ha ha ha ha!  *wiping tears of hysterical laughter from my eyes* 

I should not have worried:  there was NO chance THIS child was EVER going to be ignored or left out of anything!

I just LOVE the cute way babies say things when they are learning how to talk.  I know it has to pass as they learn the correct way to speak, but it's so precious that I don't want to forget!  I tried to write down everything Joseph said one morning, during our normal routine of getting him up, dressed, and fed, and heading out for the morning.
*Out Mommy!  Out Daddy!  (He was awake and wanted out of his crib.)
*Ake up you?  (You're awake, Mom?)
*All done sleeping!
*Off shirt...hand out.  (changing his clothes)
*Hershey kiss?  (He wanted a Hershey kiss....not that I had any stashed in his room for emergencies or anything....)
*Last night...bubbles...out pop pop popping!
*Naked me.  (still changing clothes)
*Hugging you.  (giving me a hug)
*Heaven mean?  (What does Heaven mean?)
*Baby mean?
*Dy! (Dry) Baby's clothes!  (He was excited that the baby doll's clothes were clean and dry;  I had washed them.)
*THIS shirt.  (choosing his shirt)
*Baby clothes dry!
*Shirt off, shirt on.
*Diaper off!
*Baby powder!  (Don't forget the baby powder!)
*Clothes off!  OFF!  Shirt off!  (He wanted his clothes off...now that they were finally ON.)
*Help, Mommy, me falling!
*Uh, oh, Mommy!  (his snaps came undone)
*Cancakes?  (He wanted pancakes for breakfast.)
*Out, Mommy!  Carry me!  (He was ready to be done changing clothes.)
*Cat in, cat out.  (The cat was coming in and out of his room.)
*Cue Cue's shoes!  (He liked his Blue's Clues shoes and wanted to wear them.)
*Puppy!  Falled down!  Puppy falling!
*Puppy up.  (His puppy fell, and I picked it up for him.)
*Sugar?  (He loved sugar on his pancakes/waffles.)
*Mine?  (talking about his shoe) ON foot!  ON foot!
*NO feet!  NO FEET!  (He changed his mind about wearing his shoes.)
*Pull out!  Pull out that!  (His shoelace had gone inside his shoe.)
*Go out!  Carry me!  Hershey kiss?
*Deef derky (He also wanted beef jerky.)
*Daddy home?
*Heart waffle sugar on it.
*'Orms come?  'Orms come?  (We were waiting for our composting worms to come.)
*Oatmeal too!  Oatmeal too!  (still choosing breakfast)
*Fiss, Mommy!  Fiss, Mommy!  (goldfish crackers)
*Puppy falling.
*Airplane!  (An airplane flew by outside.)
*More sugar, more sugar!
*'Age open (garage open)
And that was our, very talkative, morning!
Why, yes, I DO enjoy a good Tootsie Roll!  Thanks for asking!

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