Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bringing Home the Last Baby

Although I was twitterpated about my new baby and SO EXCITED that the hellacious pregnancy was over he had finally been born, it was really difficult for me to make the usual joyous phone calls from the hospital to spread the news;  every time I considered calling someone, I had that uncomfortable, squeezing, burning feeling in my chest.  Yes, I often get that feeling when I have to call a stranger or somebody I don't know well (usually to make an appointment for something), but it was very discouraging that I was having a hard time calling people that I knew and loved.

Once again, I HATED did not enjoy my stay at the hospital.  I especially did not appreciate my nurse who INSISTED that, even though the baby had nursed for AN HOUR in the delivery room, and I was EXHAUSTED, I needed to make sure I woke him up at midnight, to feed him again!  I was smart enough to smile and nod while thinking, "You have LOST YOUR MIND if you think I am going to wake this baby up during the one long stretch of sleep he's going to give me!!!".  The food was terrible, as usual.  Also, the hospital would not let ANY children come, so my kids, who were so excited to see their new baby, had to wait.

We had a list of names that we were considering for this baby, but, when I looked at his face nothing called out to me.  The person in charge of the birth certificate paperwork was leaving at a certain time the next day, so we were under a deadline.  Shortly before the deadline we finally decided on his name, and the first and middle name did end up being names from our list;  on this blog I will call him "Jeffrey".

Because, in my experience, people at the hospital routinely ignore what you tell them and don't care what you want To be sure there would be no misunderstanding, I told every person who entered my room, every time they entered, that I wanted to go home as soon as possible.  It must have worked;  my 2nd shift of nurses came in saying, "So you want to leave as soon as you can, right?".  I said yes and asked them to start bringing me the discharge paperwork as soon as they could so that I could leave at the first possible moment.

One nice thing about having had most of the other babies early in the morning was that when I woke up the next day we could go in 4 or 5 HOURS as soon as we could get all of the paperwork signed and survive the stupid lecture on basic baby care.  But Jeffrey was born around 7:30pm, and the hospital INSISTED that we stay the full 24-hours, so it was another long day spent counting the minutes.  I WISH I was one of those people who could just sign the "Against Medical Advice" papers and leave anyway, but I've always been too worried that SOMETHING would go wrong and then I'd feel guilty for the rest of my life.
Free at last!  We finally escaped left the hospital!!
Someone gave me this adorable monkey outfit in size Newborn;  it fit him the day he came home...and that was about it!
I really enjoyed introducing Jeffrey to his brothers and sister!!  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but they (other than Ian, who was still more interested in airplanes, but had learned to show appropriate. polite interest in things that did not fascinate him) were all THRILLED to meet and hold our new baby!

My suddenly giant 3 1/2 year old!  Joseph wasn't sure why the baby was so mad when we were all so happy to hold him!

Marie wasn't sure what he was so upset about either.
David was so happy that we finally had a baby at home that he could hold and love!
My first and last babies!

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