Monday, July 11, 2011

And the fun continues!

At the time of these stories, Ian is 8 1/2, David is close to 5, Marie is 3 1/2, and Joseph is about 18 months old.

*Ian had been very excited about his birthday money, however his enthusiasm was dampened somewhat by the fact that he was going to end up spending all of it to replace a light fixture he had broken.  I STILL cannot fathom how a person can break glass that is a good 1/3" thick with a FLEECE BLANKET.

*"We were having a discussion about Ephraim and Manasseh, when David piped up and said, 'I know what word in hiding in the word 'Manasseh'!'  I was cringing and bracing myself, when Ian and David said at the same time:  'NASA!'  I'm so glad I home school!"

*Joseph, about 18 months old, went through a phase where, any time he was doing something he shouldn't be doing, he would either stop, smile, and wave at me, or stop and blow me a kiss.  One day, he and I had JUST finished a discussion about not going into the street:  I took him to the sidewalk and showed him the street and told him that we DID NOT play in the street because of the cars.  The minute he thought I wasn't looking, he DASHED into the street as fast as he could, stopped right in the middle of the road, turned around, waited until he saw me look at him, and then smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen while he waved to me.  It was really hard for me to keep from laughing while I paddled his little bottom for that serious safety violation because that level of defiance from such a small person just seemed so unbelievable.

*One day David told me that he wished we had a time machine so that he and Ian could go back to "the happy, graceful times before we had a (behavior) chart."

*"This week, Joseph has colored on a cabinet, the floor, my chair, and himself with a marker.  He has emptied out numerous kitchen drawers onto the floor, pulled out the videos, DVDs, and CDs out of the cabinet and thrown them on the floor, pulled the games out of the game cabinet and emptied all of the pieces on the floor, used a stool to reach the things I had put on my bathroom counter (because he could reach them when they were in the drawer they belong in) and threw them on the floor, pulled things out of my other bathroom drawers, eaten erasers off of pencils, rearranged the school drawer, drawn all over another cabinet with a pencil, popped keys off of Husband's computer keyboard, climbed on a chair to get on my bed so he could tackle the cat, pulled all of the paint supplies out of the painting cabinet, pulled books off of the shelves...I cannot clean up one mess before he makes another."

*"Yesterday morning all of the children piled into bed with us and were looking at the wedding picture above our bed.  David was saying, 'That's Daddy, and that's Mama----she looks WAY different!'  (Thankfully he did not elaborate on the differences.)  Husband quickly piped up with, 'That's right;  your mother had not yet reached the pinnacle of her beauty!'"  SMART MAN =)!

*One night for dinner, Ian ate a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich, David ate applesauce and macadamia nuts, Marie ate applesauce and one bite of Tuna Helper, and Joseph ate a few pickles with Ranch Dressing.

*On another night, we were having waffles for dinner.  We had sprinkled a little bit of powdered sugar on Joseph's waffle, and he decided he REALLY liked that sugar (not so much the waffle), so he kept pointing to the sugar, saying his approximation of "sugar" and then pointing to the spot on his plate where he wanted us to put it.  He was not happy when I told him that he needed to eat the sugar on his waffle instead:

....Right here, on my plate, see?
*Joseph had a FAVORITE, PRECIOUS crocheted blanket that he LOVED;  this child couldn't use a pacifier to soothe himself, oh no!  He picked fuzz-balls off of his blanket and ate them instead.  Some of our family came to visit, and we went to a theme park.  The MOMENT we walked through the gates, Joseph started picking fuzz off his blanket.  At one point, we got on a boat ride, and, before it even started moving (VERY slowly when it did move, I might add) he started yelling, "OUT! OUT!" and picking fuzz even faster.  Every time Husband or I would try to go on a ride, he would start yelling our names and crying frantically, like he was certain we were going to our doom!  I was very surprised that his blanket didn't fall apart by the end of that trip because of the amount of fuzz he had picked off, and I was relieved that he didn't have some sort of intestinal blockage from eating all of that fuzz!

*"When I ask Joseph to go do something, he will go do it, come back to me, look up excitedly, and say, 'Did it!'"

*One day I squatted down next to Joseph and said, "Oh!  My back hurts."  He looked at me intently for a minute, walked around, kissed my back, came back and said, "There, Mama.  Back hurts."  Sweet boy!

*About this time I wrote:  "Joseph has been sleeping through the night for 2-3 months now (FINALLY!), and I've been wondering why I haven't started feeling better yet.  I've been worried that it was just in my imagination that there was ever a time when I actually felt anything other than exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out.  Then I decided to stop nursing Joseph this week, and OH. MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can hardly believe how much better I immediately felt!  I don't know what it is about nursing, but it seems to literally suck the life out of me!"

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