Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is one of the things I did....

...on my summer vacation while I was helping my mother after her surgery.  I finished something I started years ago, before I was married, I think.

I used this:
I started below her waist, where there is no coloring.  It discourages depresses amazes me that when I started this project, I actually had the brain capacity powers of concentration copious amounts of uninterrupted time necessary to keep track of where I was without marking on the pattern!
To make this:

The finished, KEEP-YOUR-HANDS-AND-PROJECTILES-AWAY-FROM-THIS, exquisitely framed product.

The only bad thing two bad things about this are:  it is HUGE and it is not going to be fun to pack the next time we move, and I don't think I'll ever have the brain power necessary to make something like this again it took a long time and cost a small fortune was really expensive to frame, so there may be SERIOUS BODILY INJURY I will be really upset if the children end up destroying breaking scratching touching breathing on it.

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josefinalouise said...

Holy mackerel! I'm so impressed with people who can do this stuff--meaning, at this moment, YOU. Beautiful job!