Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More stories I never could have written if I'd never had children...

*In the mornings, Marie would wake up and call, "Mamaaaaaa!  Maaaaaaaama!"  Husband would bring her into our room, and she would lay on the bed contentedly saying, "My mama, my daddy" over and over again.

*David was learning to sound out words by making consonant-vowel-consonant words.  One day, he made the word m-e-s, and I said, "David!  You made a mess!  How could you make ANOTHER mess?"  He looked startled for a minute, but then thought it was SO FUNNY, and made sure to make that word every time we practiced after that.

*At the end of another LONG day, I was trying to get the boys to bed.  I told them to go brush their teeth and noticed that Ian was chewing on something.  When he spit it out, I wasn't too surprised to see what looked like a fingernail, and I told him to throw it away.  He looked at me with a face full of anger and contempt, and said, with absolute sincerity and frustration, "I don't think that's very fair!  I worked HARD to get that off my toe!"  (That made me want to cry =(!  He just didn't understand why I would take away his "prize" when he had worked so hard to get it.)

*Later that week, we were having another one of THOSE days, and Ian did one last thing that got him sent up to bed for the night.  He mouthed off as he headed up the stairs, then paused, said, "Hey, mom!  Look at this!", bent over, and waggled his rear end at me.

*One night, David refused to do his dinner chore, so I did it myself and told him that he would have to make his own dinner instead of eating what I was fixing.  This made him very mad, especially since he was really hungry, and he really liked the sausage pockets I was fixing for dinner.  Ian noticed how upset David was and, QUITE uncharacteristically for him, kindly offered to make David a honey sandwich (the main staple in David's diet, at the time).  David didn't like that idea, so Ian then offered to split his own sausage pocket (and Ian also really like sausage pockets) with David.  I nearly started crying because that was such a compassionate, loving thing for Ian to do, and it was such a RARE event.

*David used some of his birthday money to buy ice cream treats from the store.  Every time I let him have one, he would let Ian pick one out too.

*One day we had visitors, and I sent Ian and David upstairs to play.  After a while, I heard splashing and laughing coming from the bathroom;  I hoped they were playing in the sink like they often did.  After the visitors left, I went to change the laundry around, and discovered water dripping from the ceiling.  Because of previous experience, I did not have to frantically figure out where the water was coming from...I knew.  I headed upstairs to find the boys and the bathroom DRENCHED.  The boys had been in the bathtub flinging water all over the bathroom.  I was already mad when I saw that the rugs were soaking wet, and there was water all over the floor, but it was nearly the last straw when I happened to look up and noticed the water that was dripping from the ceiling, door frame, and shower curtain rod.

*"Joseph will nurse and nurse and nurse, and when he's all done he will fling his little head back to let go, and then, since he is contentedly asleep, his warm, little, milky face will flop back and snuggle into me."

*Every morning when it was time to start the day, Husband would bring Joseph in to eat, and there would be a mad dash parade into my room.  Husband would hand me the baby, then Marie, David, Ian, and the 2 cats would all race to the bed and try to get RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  So, I would end up with one cat on my pillow, one cat at my feet, one child on either side of me, and one child complaining bitterly that he or she wasn't next to me (I know, I know, someday I'll be LONELY and WISH people would fight over me).

I was sad that we didn't get the cats in the picture to tell the WHOLE story.

*Once, we loaded up all 4 children and drove an hour and half to get to the zoo.  The children's favorite parts of the trip:  eating the snacks we had brought (nothing special), spending their money at the gift shop (they didn't have much money), and feeding goldfish crackers to the local birds and squirrels.

*We went on a sight-seeing trip that involved driving 4 or 5 hours, so we stayed at a hotel one night.  The children's favorite parts of the trip:  the hotel pool and watching TV in our hotel room.  The most hideous part of the trip:  Joseph screamed THE ENTIRE, 4-HOUR DRIVE HOME!  (Oh, I wish I had thought to bring earmuffs on long car trips back then!)

*"Last week I FINALLY got Joseph to stay asleep (for the first time in over a WEEK!) when I put him down in the swing, so I went in the kitchen and announced that I would kill anyone who woke the baby up.  Ian looked up, concerned, and asked, 'Isn't that a commandment?'  I agreed, and Husband said, 'Don't make your mother break a commandment.'"

*"Last night (7 1/2 year old) Ian and (4 1/2 year old) David were in the living room, cleaning up their latest mess, when I heard Ian say to David, in a disbelieving tone, 'Did you know that some mothers clean up after their children?' and David replied, in a voice of astonishment, 'Yes!  EVEN WHEN the kids are going to play with it again and make another mess!'  Ian answered with a tone of certainty and assurance, 'OUR mother would NEVER do that!' And David agreed!" 
*One day I noticed ANOTHER hole in the wall.  This hole was different than the usual hole where Ian someone had scraped all of the plaster away from a nail that was trying to poke through, so I asked Ian about it.  After much questioning on my part, I finally got the full story from him:  he had been scraping the wall to get powder for his "powder cannon" (he had removed the cotton from both ends of a cotton swab and had the hollow tube).  He would somehow get the powder from the wall into the stick, the blow it out and pretend it was exploding in the air.  He had to have made A LOT of powder cannons to make that hole.


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