Saturday, June 11, 2011

More adventures in parenting....

I did try to write down the good things too!
"Today it was gray outside and pouring rain.  This afternoon I was able to stay in my warm quiet (the boys must have been unconscious out with their father) house and curl up on my comfortable couch with my warm, sweet smelling, sleeping, precious, soft baby."

Aaaaaand back to normal life:
*One day I wrote:  Because God hates me True to form, the baby wakes up every 2 hours all night long.  I got up this morning, prayed the boys wouldn't burn the house down or something while I dashed through the shower, tried to at least vacuum (let alone clean anything else or manage to eat breakfast) before our visitors came...didn't manage to get David pinned down to change his diaper before the visitors arrived (one would think one would WANT a soaking wet diaper changed, but no), so by the time the baby was asleep and I could pin David down, the diaper was so full that the gel stuff was starting to come out (of course, sliding down the stairs multiple times may have contributed to that problem as well...), and it was lunch time before I was able to get Ian to scrape the oatmeal he requested for breakfast, but then wouldn't eat, into the trash, but wait!  An important thing to note here was that it was right AFTER Ian ate his lunch that he finally got around to scraping the oatmeal in the trash, which explains why things were so chunky when he threw up all over the carpet AND kitchen floor because something about scraping the oatmeal made him throw up, so at this point I STILL had not had the chance to eat yet (not that my body could compensate by using up any of the MASSIVE stores of energy it has acquired or anything) which was probably good since I was trying not to gag while I was cleaning up after Ian (did I mention that his preschool bus was due in about 15 minutes?) and then I had to get out the carpet cleaner to take care of the least the baby was happy in the swing for all of this!  And today is the day we are supposed to go to Ian's school in about an hour for his Halloween party, so I have to manage to get David, Marie, and I there on time with them in their costumes....which explains why Marie is awake NOW, so that she will be wanting to sleep about the time we get to the party...AND IT'S JUST PAST NOON!!!!  I have at least 8 hours of this day left!  It is not looking good....

*Around this time, I decided to start using cloth diapers.  David was so big that he needed size 5 disposables, and I just couldn't BEAR to pay so much for so few diapers, and if I was going to be doing cloth for him, I might as well do it for Marie also!  I liked it a lot more than I thought I would!  I still used disposables when we went somewhere during the day and for Marie at night;  David would actually soak through his disposables at night, so I kept cloth on him at night.

*Another day I wrote:  It is 1:43pm and I am just now getting my lunch.  Why, you may ask?  Because Marie keeps waking up every 45 minutes-1 hour, and, in between taking care of her, I've had to harass Ian into getting ready for school (Heaven forbid we should do ANYTHING the first time we are asked nicely), and fix his lunch, and David keeps peeing on the floor!  And we're not even talking about long periods of time here.  I will turn around and see him peeing on the carpet, get that cleaned up, and not 20 minutes later I will discover that he has peed on the kitchen floor or in his little thinking chair or on the rug in front of his dresser while he was getting a pair of dry underwear.  And he hasn't had anything more to drink!  And did I mention that I've been trying all day to make a carrot cake so that I can use up some carrots that are going to rot in the fridge?  I haven't even been able to grate the carrots yet.  POTTY TRAINING IS OFFICIALLY OVER FOR THE DAY!

*"IT IS NOT FAIR that it takes me 2 hours to get the baby to sleep for 15 minutes!"

*I was trying to put away laundry and the boys were jumping around the room on their giant, stuffed doggies.  Ian said, "Look mom, I'm a grasshopper!" and David piped up, of course, with:  "Mom I a asshopper!"

*In the middle of all of this glorious parenthood, Husband got sent away for a trip for work for a week and a half.  He called at some point and told me that he was going to need to stay for an extra 3 days.  I told him that I was going to need to buy a serger.

*I left the boys in the bathtub with EXPLICIT instructions to keep the water IN the tub while I put their sister down for a nap.  I heard suspicious laughing and splashing and returned to find water all over the floor.  I asked what had happened and Ian said, "We were making a tsunami in the bathtub."

What is this?  A baby who will spend time on her stomach without screaming!
This was one of my all time favorites:  (Ian was 5 1/2, David was almost 3)
*Ian got in trouble and was sent to his room.  David followed him upstairs and was pounding on the door.  Ian kept yelling, "Go away, David!  You can't come in!" and David kept pounding on the door, telling Ian to let him in.  Finally, Ian yelled, "Go away, David!  I'm in trouble!"  David paused for a second and yelled back, "I in trouble too!"  Ian paused and then asked, "What did you do?"  David replied, "I bump mama while she sewing" (earlier I had been talking to the boys about being careful not to bump me while I was using the serger), which was a BOLD FACED LIE, and Ian let him in!

Ian and Marie
*One day, the boys had been upstairs playing for a while, and I hadn't been hearing any screaming or fighting, so I headed upstairs to tell them what a great thing that was and see if they'd like a treat.....except, when I opened the door, they were both standing there completely n@ked, and David informed me that Ian had peed on the floor.  Ian explained that they had been playing n@ked sandwiches with the couch cushions, and he had forgotten where the bathroom was.

*Ian got off the bus scowling, clutching his backpack, and saying, "Don't look in my backpack mom!"  I kept asking him why, and he finally said, "I lied at school and my teacher wrote you a note."

*We got home from a LONG day of traveling, and Ian had fallen asleep in the car.  A few minutes after I came in the house, I saw him stumble in too.  I told him to go use the potty since we had forgotten about that before we had left the airport hours earlier.  The next thing I knew, I heard David in the laundry room asking, "Why are you peeing in there?"  I was thinking, "Great!  Wise guy is peeing in the litter box again!"  But as I rounded the corner I saw Ian standing there in front of the dryer, with the door open, peeing in the dryer (It just COULDN'T have been the WASHER, right?  Because THAT would have been TOO EASY to clean up!).  When I asked him what on earth he was doing, he told me that he had forgotten where the potty was and he was trying to get away from the cranes (he was obviously half-asleep).  Moral of the story:  DO NOT WAKE A CHILD FROM A DEEP SLEEP AND SEND THEM TO THE POTTY UNACCOMPANIED!

*One day I put bre@stmilk in a cup for Marie to drink.  At lunch, the boys commented on this because they knew Marie couldn't have regular milk, and Husband told them it was Marie's "special" milk.  So, when Ian came in for dinner that night he asked me where I had gotten Marie's special milk.  Before I could answer he said, "Did you milk yourself?"

*Ian was dismayed when he discovered that waking up the baby is the same as volunteering to take care of her until Mom finishes what she was doing during the baby's nap.
Baby food duty

*Ian and David took off most of their clothes, took the mattress off of the bed and replaced it with all of the clothes in their dresser drawers.  They were very pleased with themselves...until they had to clean everything up!

Notice:  our mother has PAINTED a picture on EACH DRAWER so there will be NO MISTAKE about where each article of clothing belongs!  (For all the good it does....)
The activities of a boy's day, proudly displayed on his shirt.
The last of the cute girl crocheting.
Why must babies find such great delight in making giant messes?
*I opened my bedroom door the day of Ian's birthday to be greeted by this:
"Where's the presents, Mom?"
*Days before her first birthday, Marie learned to walk.

...with a little encouragement from her biggest brother!

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