Friday, June 3, 2011

Better get checked, just in case: Labor #3

Since David had been born SO quickly (I woke up at 4AM, he was born at 6:37AM) I was REALLY nervous about accidentally giving birth at home, especially since the hospital was about 20 minutes away this time.  I started having irritating contractions about a month before the baby was due.  I would have regular contractions for hours, so we would go to the hospital to get checked, and then get sent home;  we went twice and the contractions would stop as soon as we made it to the parking lot.  SO FRUSTRATING! 

Then one night, about 2 weeks before the baby was due, I couldn't sleep, around midnight, and I found myself getting more and more irritated as the hours wore on.  I finally realized that I was irritated because I was having contractions that were starting to hurt...but they weren't at all regular;  they ranged from 3-10 minutes apart.  I didn't want to feel stupid going to the hospital AGAIN, so I waited until I wanted to smack anyone who BREATHED NEAR ME during each contraction, and THEN we headed to the hospital (despite calling the hospital and having the nurse tell us to wait until the contractions were more regular).  I WAS NOT LEAVING THIS TIME WITH THAT BABY STILL IN MY BODY!

We got to the hospital around 3AM;  I was 6cm dilated, 80% effaced, and ready for my epidural!  I got the epidural around 4:30, but this time it only worked on half of me (still, I was grateful for that half!)!  The doctor broke my water around 4:45 and I was 8cm dilated.  She said she would come check on me around 6am, but I had the nurse go get her at 5am.  I pushed a few times, and the baby came right out, a little more quickly than the doctor had expected!  Baby #3 was born at 5:16am, 2 weeks before her due date, weighing 8 pounds 1 ounce, and measuring 19 1/2 inches long!  Again, I could hardly BELIEVE how good I felt compared to the first time!

THIS TIME, I was smart enough to realize that the hospital did not, indeed, have MY best interests at heart, and I had found out previously what the hospital's routine procedures were and refused to follow the procedures I didn't like or feel were necessary.  At this hospital, the pediatric team routinely snatched the baby as soon as it was out, but I was having NONE OF THAT (unless it was MEDICALLY NECESSARY), especially after all I had suffered to bring this baby into the world.  For the first time, *I* got to be the first person in the room to hold my new baby, and it was SO amazing!  So incredible to hold this tiny little person who was still so warm from being INSIDE MY BODY only moments before!  I thought FOR SURE, this time, I would feel an instant connection to my baby because it was a girl, and aren't mothers and daughters supposed to have a special bond or something?  No luck;  again, my baby looked like a cute little stranger.

We pretty quickly picked out her name (did I mention that, after seeing me go through that first labor, Husband became a lot LESS opinionated about baby names, and largely let me pick?), and on this blog I will call her "Marie".

The boys were excited to come to the hospital to meet their new sister.  Ian came in, politely looked at Marie and said, "Oh, how nice, the baby's here.  Where's my present?"  And that was that.  He was much more interested in the rolling baby bed.  I wasn't sure how David was going to react to the new baby since he had been the baby for over two years, but he INSTANTLY fell in love with her!
So happy to be a big brother!

I LOVED this picture!!
Tiny 3-day-old foot with Giant 2-year-old foot


Anonymous said...

Good grief, that was a quick labor! And a big two-week-early baby! That picture with their feet is great.

Anonymous said...

That foot picture is so lovely - I am dying over here with how sweet it is!