Saturday, June 4, 2011

106 Questions

So, I'd been pretty tired by the end of each day, and I wondered why. I started to wonder if it might have something to do with Ian asking questions all day long, so, starting one day at 5:00 pm until the next day at 5:00 pm, I wrote down almost every question he asked (I know I missed a few that I just automatically answered, and I didn't write down the ones that were requests, such as, "Can I have some cheese?"). Here are the results:  (Ian was 3 years and 8 months old.)

Why did I have to put the stick down?
Is Big Jake a jet plane?
Is Savannah a jet plane?
Is D. inside?
Why is Tracy a jet plane?
Do people get in a big Jay Jay the Jet Plane?
What color is Dizzy?
Why do we have boogers in our noses?
What happens if we don't have boogers in our noses?
What's in here?
Does the cup go in the top of the dishwasher?
Does the lid go at the top?
Can I come for a walk with you?
Why is Thomas on that car that doesn't keep him on the water?
Who got Thomas out of the water?
Did Duck have a forklift to get Thomas out of the water?
Why did Thomas stir up all the dirt?
Can you put on this glove?
Why do those toys have fences around them?
Why are we leaving the toys?
Why does that guy have his scooter helmet on?
Does Daddy have his umbrella?
Why is it taking so long to get home?
Why did you stop?
Where did you put my stick?
Why is that little girl running away with those kids?
Why would they not look the same if I touched them?
Where are the bird feeders?
Why is it going to rain?
Why is it right here?
What's this book about?
Where's daddy?
What can you feed mice?
Why did you leave the water on?
Where is the chocolate ice cream?
Why does ice cream melt inside you?
What made that water?
Why did the rain come in our house?
Do the plates go down or up?
If plates go up would they hit the top of the dishwasher?
Do the life cereals have Maisey shaped cereals?
What were you doing?
Why is it leaking?
Does a hand glove go on your foot?
Is spooch a good word or a bad word?
Is this a foot glove?
Does the bowl go at the top?
Does the spoon go in there too?
Did you lose your penny?
Did I get you off the table or David off the table?
Would you ever see a yellow sky outside?
Where is my blue circus car?
Why is our tummy all squishy?
What happens if we had batteries in ourselves?
Who are you talking to?
Why did he call?
Did you not let him sell anything to you?
Did he not have time to sell anything to you?
Do you want your kitchen to be green with black bug paint?
Why not?
Why did I put the hospital helicopter in the water?
Why do I have to sit outside?
Why do we have 2 minutes?
Why did you tell R. it isn't safe?
Did you ever say sucky when you were a baby?
Is that a special painting pen?
When you're done with it will you give it back to the scrapbooking store?
Is it OK if I spit at our house?
Where did we get this book?
Did it come from the library?
If someone took it, would the police chase them?
Where's the fireman?
Where's the fireman's fire truck?
Why is it an oval picture?
Why is that a muddy river?
Why Mom?
Why does R. have dirt in his ears?
Does (our cat) laugh?
What happens if the firefighters and the fire chief didn't wear boots and they got into the fire?
Now is it tonight?
Now can you tell me to get off?
What's a ditch?
Is spooch a good word or a bad word?
Can you bring your special purse?
Is *#@* what I can't say?
Now is it tonight?
Why is it evening?
What was that bottle called that sprays the water?
Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Do you want to be a pilot or a fire chief?
Do we watch soldier movies?
Did you say NAP?
Why did you buy the car a long time ago?
Where's the boy that goes on top of these blocks?
Can you touch a frog?
Do most frogs bite?
Is that man a stranger or the mailman?

And, the final two questions before we hit 5:00pm (going out with a bang!):
Why is that stranger lady naked?
Why doesn't she have clothes on the rest of her?


Dulcibella said...

Well?...WAS it OK if he spit at your house?????

Oy - I was just dying reading all those questions! But I kind of wanted to know the answers to some of them too. :D

Doing My Best said...

Dulcibella--NO, because he probably would have been spitting AT somebody =). It's amazing how exhausting it is to answer questions like that ALL. DAY. LONG!

josefinalouise said...

HAhahaha! My days are like this, too. My older son will ask as many questions as I will allow. I think he has an infinite number in there, just waiting to come out. The volume of questions is UNBELIEVABLE. Also, do you get the repeat question? Like, you just answered it but HE WASN'T LISTENING? To the answer to the question that he JUST ASKED? And he still really, REALLY needs to know, PLEASE, MOM.

d e v a n said...

ha! I know the feeling. Sometimes it feels like ALL they do is ask questions!

lifeofadoctorswife said...

This is too funny! I love seeing the way his little mind works. But I bet it's a lot more adorable NOW from a DISTANCE than it was in the moment!

Doing My Best said...

josephinalouise-Yes, they do that too, but now I can say, "I'm sorry you weren't listening the first time I answered. Maybe one of your siblings heard and can tell you." =) Also, I felt like it was my DUTY as his mother and MAIN SOURCE OF INFORMATION to answer his unending questions, but when I talked to his play therapist about that she said that it really was OK to give him a limit, say something like, "You can ask 3 more questions today, so choose carefully!" Now, 8 years later, he doesn't have so many questions, but he has MANY, MANY thoughts running through his head that he feels the need to share with me =).

Devan-I forgot to do it with David when he was that age, but I did it with Marie, and she only asked something like TEN questions in an entire day. Granted, she is A LOT QUIETER than her brothers, but I hoped that that didn't also mean that she just wasn't getting a chance to talk to me!

lifeofadodtorswife-YES! It is a lot easier to enjoy NOW that I am not being bombarded with that all day (none of the others have been quite like Ian), and I suspected, at the time, that I would find it interesting someday, so that's why I wrote them all down =).