Saturday, May 28, 2011

The bathroom: there must be a homing device hidden on me somewhere

I have been tempted, more than once, to get a timer, pencil, and paper and keep data on how long I am in the bathroom before someone finds me and starts knocking on the door and/or talking to me. 

Even in a house with 2 1/2 bathrooms, it did not take more than ONE minute before I would hear:
"Mom?!  Where are you, Mom?  Are you in there?  Can I come in?  What are you doing in there?" from the 4 year old,
"POUND, POUND, POUND....Oooouuuh?" from the 1 year old,
"Doing My Best, are you in there?" from Husband,

"Scratch, scratch....Meow?"

Surely Mom is trapped!  MUST! GET! HER! OUT!


josefinalouise said...

I get "scratch, scratch, scratch...meow?" too! Oh wait, did you mean from a child? Because I get it from a child, not a cat.

When my boys were littler, as soon as my husband got home, I would run and hide in the bathroom for at least 30 minutes and leave him to deal with the children. It made me feel alive.

Doing My Best said...

josephinaloise--No, it was the cat (also MALE, I might add...). I have to do that sometimes too; little ones are so precious, and also SO RELENTLESS! =)