Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Better Luck This Time? Labor and Delivery #2

Three weeks before my due date, something woke me up around 4am.  I couldn't figure out what it was, so I went back to sleep.  But I would just get back to sleep and something would wake me up again!  I finally figured out that I must be having contractions (remember, I hadn't really had any non-Pitocin contractions the first time), but they weren't very painful, and I was sure they weren't very close together, so I figured that these must be the contractions I had heard so much about that come just long enough for you to call everyone on your list to tell them that you're in labor, and then they stop, so you feel like a FOOL.  I woke my husband up to tell him what I thought was going on.  He wanted to time the contractions, but I assured him that they were FAR APART.  He timed them anyway, and we discovered that they were actually 5 minutes apart.  I was still not concerned because they were NOTHING like the contractions I had experienced with the Pitocin, so I got up and took a shower, fixed my hair, and eventually called our person who was going to stay with Ian until my mom could get there.  I, however, was still not convinced that this was actual labor and I was almost certain it was going to stop at any time. 

By the time we left for the hospital (which was about 2 minutes away) at 5am, I was starting to want to smack my husband whenever I would have a contraction.  The contractions were finally starting to hurt as much as the ones I remembered from my first labor, and I couldn't bear the thought of going through HOURS of that misery, so as soon as we walked in to L&D, the first words out of my mouth were, "I am ready for my epidural!"  The nurse smirked a little and rolled her eyes, and sent me to get changed.  I told her that I felt like I needed to use the bathroom, but she said she would like to check me first.  She checked me and said, "How badly did you want that epidural?"  I responded, "There's a reason I asked for it as soon as I came in!!!!!"  She said, "Well, there's no cervix on this side, and only a little on that side;  I don't think there's time."  I said, "GET THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST!"  He came right away (THANK ALL THAT IS HOLY!) and said that if my water broke there wouldn't be time for the epidural to work.  I told him to GET A MOVE ON THEN. 

The epidural worked quickly, my water didn't break, I was fully dilated, but the baby wasn't dropping.  My beloved doctor arrived, broke my water, and, after 3 sneeze-like pushes, Baby #2 was born at 6:37am with the cord wrapped firmly around his neck (The moment when the baby's head was out and the doctor said, "Oh stop pushing!" was a moment I was VERY GRATEFUL for that epidural!!!!).  The doctor had to cut the cord to get him out, and he wasn't breathing, so, once again the baby was whisked off before I could hold him.  THREE WEEKS EARLY, Baby #2 weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. 

I COULD NOT BELIEVE how good I felt!  I laughed and laughed because I couldn't believe THAT WAS IT, and now it was over!  I would have gotten up and gone home right then if they would have let me.  I did not feel like I had just been run over by a bus!  I had heard of women who had given birth and then immediately looked at their husbands and asked when they could do this again, and I FELT LIKE THOSE WOMEN!  If my pregnancies, labors, and deliveries could all be like THAT ONE, I could have LOTS of kids!

While they were checking the baby out anyway, I asked them to check his mouth, since I DID NOT want a repeat performance of my first nursing experience.  No tight frenulum!!!!  When they finally handed me the baby, I again waited for that magical bonding moment, and again I thought, "I know I just watched you come out, but you don't seem familiar..."  This time I made sure they didn't take the baby before I nursed him, but this hospital had rules about taking all of the babies to the nursery at certain times, and I DID NOT APPRECIATE the times they took him and didn't bring him back for hours. 

We had worked harder on the naming issue this time, but we still hadn't settled on anything.  This time when I looked at the baby, a name did pop into my head that seemed just right, and we were very excited to have picked out the name on THE FIRST day, instead of having the poor boy being called "Baby Boy Best" for two days.  For the purposes of blogging, I will call him "David".

Ian was brought to the hospital to meet his new brother.  He seemed excited that he could now see and hold the little person who had been "the baby in Mama's tummy".  In order to bribe him make this a positive experience for him, we had a present there for him "from his new brother" that he was quite happy about.  (Also, when we brought David home, we brought a new "brother" for Doggy too, a little stuffed puppy that matched Doggy.)

We left as soon as they would let us out this time because I really did feel good, I couldn't sleep at the hospital, the food was awful, the nurses were surly really busy, it really PISSED ME OFF irritated me the way the nursery kept taking the baby, and I just wanted to be home.
I am TOO CUTE FOR WORDS and so tiny compared to my giant brother!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! (1) What a cute little baby! (2) I had the same experience: Pitocin with the first, contractions with the second felt like no big shakes compared to the first, barely made it to the birth center. (3) However, I didn't have any meds with the second and the pushing part hurt way worse than with my first. As one might expect. I still see a flash of red when I think about it. (4) Also, what is up with the hospital nursery making off with the baby for extended periods? Very alarming to me as a postpartum mother, although I know other people who are very relieved for the break. But they shouldn't *assume.*

Magpie said...

I love how your sidebar reads Child #1: Ian / Child #2: To Be Announced / Child #3-4-5: TBA

Doing My Best said...

josefinalouise: It was very irritating! They would take all of the babies at the same time to measure them or check them or whatever they were doing, but there were SO MANY OF THEM (babies) that it took forever to get yours back! *I* did not want the break; *I* wanted my baby, but I hadn't yet learned how to buck the system =).

Magpie: Oh! That reminds me that I should change Child #2 in the sidebar; thanks =)!